Suggestion for limiter/mastering plugins?

I can heartily recommend MeldaProductions MLimiterX and MTurboComp. They are great for mixing/mastering. And of course MAutoDynamicEQ. I don’t need anything else.

Any good recommendations for Free software for us broke Elektronauts? I use some of the Variety of Sound plugins, Density MK 3 compressor / limiter namely. Any other freebies would be greatly appreciated

I used this free Waves L1 clone ages ago.
It’s still kicking, apparently.
It’s got adaptive release too.


Linux is free

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Limiter 6?

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Vulf compressor looks good!

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It’s great on drums and percussion. Really pulls things together :ok_hand:
But for actual mastering it’s iZotope Ozone for me, with u-He Satin thrown in and Goodhertz Midside for extra width when necessary.


I’m reading about Limiter 6 right now. Looks like Toyko Dawn revamped this plugin, so I’m assuming its pretty decent. Anybody know how the free original version and the TDR one compare?

I can only speak for the free version, and it’s very good to my ears

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I used that L1 clone on my live set for years till I went mostly hardware. Then I use for mastering: Octatrack compresor -> Analog Heat -> MOTUs compressor limiters -> Behringer Ultracurve Pro compressor/limiter and graphic EQ where I always do a proper calibration curve by transfer function in SMAART for each venue I play (which makes in many places for me to sound better than the mastered tracks djs plays).

About software, Nowadays I don’t know if my mixes got better or what, but Ableton’s limiter was enough for my latest works, if not enough, FabFilters Pro Limiter as I said before.

Arturia 1973 Pre was lately on all my masters too, specially when I need to heat things up a bit.