Successor of the monomachine?


Is there a machine that could claim to be the successor to mono or a similar machine in terms of sound?

thank you !

The elektron sequencer is a large part of it’s sound, with parameter locks and different machines per voice. All of elektrons modern synths have this, and most competitors are also implementing this on their sequencers (like Erica or Norand).

Which sound are looking to replicate ? The FM and (virtual) analog can be emulated by a lot of modern alternatives, the sid machine and the 12bit wave machine are more difficult to replicate.

crippled versions of it though !

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Some people were were kind of saying M8 because it has a sort of C64 adjacent synth engine an FM synth engine and the mutable braids based stuff which has a mix of stuff like subtractive. Then it also has a sampler and a bunch more.


Is there a legit successor to the MnM? No.

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Braids on its own is hardly comparable to a Monomachine. A friend of mine was a longtime Mnm user. He sold it one day and replaced it with a 6 HE, 84HP eurorack suitcase, that was giving him the different synthesis flavors, plus lots of modulation options. As FX he picked an Eventide Timefactor (Mmn has great delay), as sequencer an TE OP1, and for drums (and sometimes sequencing) he used a Circuit Mk1, for mixing a small Mackie 602.

From my memory, as modules he picked: Make Noise STO, Maths, Wogglebug, pressure points, optomix , mi clouds, piston Honda, and some utility modules like a quantizer, midi interface, env generator.

Of course he lost the six voices, but gained flexibility. But it shows what a great package the Monomachine is.

The only thing that I see as coming close to the Monomachine, is the Deluge. But it follows a different design philosophy.

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Sonicware ELZ 1 ?

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I think the thing that makes the Monomachine the Monomachine is the way you can reroute tracks to FX tracks. That’s where all the crazy magic happens.

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Yeah but I was meaning the M8 tracker which has braids oscillators through a filter in one of its synthesis modes (along with 4 OP fm and a chip synth)… not just braids on it’s own. I think it gets a bit closer than a deluge as far as various synthesis options go but also has its whole own design philosophy and workflow.

You know it’s weird, I was out to the bar tonight and I ran into Monomachine so I said, “Hey, it’s nice to meet you Superwave”, and they replied, “You’re talking to SID now.” I replied “Well I’m much more of a DigiPro person myself.”

Needless to say, I went home alone.


…wait for the syntakt… :wink:


Ah, ok i missed that part. Sorry. Missunderstanding.

Yeah, I don’t really think the synth engines are very special on their own. I think the OT comes close in terms of how things can be routed.

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You can see the Monomachine DNA in the Octatrack and even a dash of it in the Analog Four (neighbor on oscillator 2). The MM has by far the best implementation with the AB/CD/EF outs also routing things around internally. Also something about the combination of synth and FX tracks is magical. The Octatrack never really did it for me, despite technically having superior FX capabilities.

Rare moments but this time I don’t agree with you! :wink:
To me the sound of Monomachine is unparalleled, not because the synth machine is versatile as a modern vsti or actually majority of other hw synths but it’s special and it’s always special in a unique way and kind of very emotional to me. I usually can’t stand hifi sounding synths and or overly rich but expressionless sounds (think classic Moog sounds) bc I can’t relate to them emotionally. Yes, they sound big and rich and clean but those kind of synths and sounds attract all of my attention to their sounds not the underlying emotion and idea that sound is carrying. How do you know a singer is of the highest caliber? When it’s not about him.her but about the message in the song that’s coming to you before everything else about that singer. Monomachine is of that caliber imo and it’s easier to make sounds and melodies more emotional.


I guess now that the Syntakt is out… it’s that I guess

Unless Elektron replicate it…no nothing compares to the mono