"Stupid" question about backups


If I use Transfer to load samples into the Digitakt from my computer, when I later make a sysx backup from the DT to my computer, will that include any samples I loaded in? Probably, but I just want to be sure…

Sysex does not include samples only data

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Ah. So is there a way to back up imported samples using Transfer, back out of the Digitakt into a computer?

Let’s say I had a computer crash, no backup for some drum samples I made in Pro Tools a year ago. But say I did back up the Digitakt - which has those samples loaded in. If I were in a pinch, would there be a way I could have backed up everything so I could then use that to replenish the DT including the samples I used in a particular project? Or would I have to have those separate somewhere as WAVs, and re-import and assign them to the correct sample numbers (1-127) per project?

In other words: Any samples of my own that I load into the DT, can’t be backed up as part of the elektron framework, they have to be their own separate WAV files somewhere, that I would then have to load in like I did the first time, and assign?




Thank you

@mzero made something brilliant that might be able to help…


That’s great, thank you!