Studio Sessions: Minimal House - REMIX


Feel like watching someone work on music for 2 hours. Well, check out my latest video.


I enjoyed the ending part where you messed with the mastering slightly.


Thanks? as I said in the video many times it’s not a finished mix, just adding bit to it and it needs a full mix down.


Gotcha, yea. I just got the Ozone8 suite and am very interested in anything having to do with mastering processes. Soaking it all in. Also, been thinking of making a minimal house set too.


Nice. Yeah I use a bit of Ozone8 when I’m mastering my tracks, But when I do a mix down I use Salte Digital for the most part, then some Ozone if need be, I have 2 or 3 different steps with my trakes, I create, mix, then master(sometimes)


Do you have the subscription to their plugins? I just looked at their site because of your video. Individual permanent plugins seem a little steep.


Yeah I pay for there plug-ins per month. I really like them a lot. One thing I found with them is some of them you need to really drive the plug-in to really get the most out of it.


Thanks, now I’m considering them. Cheers on the minimal set, I enjoyed it.