Studio One / DT & ST unable to record ANY audio from USB

Hi Gang,

i must be doing something terribly wrong, i have everything working synced, playing, add the instruments into Studio One, using Overbridge works brilliant.

How on earth do you record audio? literally i’ve tried adding busses and trying the things the youtube videos suggest. i can hear the audio! but when you record its just empty audio files! makes no sense to me…

any one have similar experience?

The crappiest vid on YT but i recorded this just yet. Does this help: Studio one overbridge DT - YouTube

thank you thank you for replying.

Ok so yes, lets go through this, i followed your video up to 1 minute 41 seconds, the point were you record audio for the MAIN L, ( i’m not sure what MAIN L actually means but anyway)

So i do get an audio file, but its silent, empty. If i try and record Track 1, (after expanding all the inputs) i cant even put those channels into record, it seems I can only put MAIN L into Record, but its empty…

what do you think is going on? I can hear the unit just fine, plays through Studio one just fine, even when i expand all the extra inputs - i can see audio bars moving, but just cant record anything. Its pretty useless if i cant record anything! :joy:

I also noticed something in your video - your ‘Z’ is off, low latency monitoring is off. you know where you expand the extra channels, there is a ‘Z’ there, and if i turn mine OFF i don’t get any audio, never have done so i assumed i always needed it on.

perhaps this is a clue? surely i should be audio even with Z low latency monitoring off?

ahhhh! i found out why just random clicking things - my DROPOUT PROTECTION was on MAXIMUM, and when i dropped it to high i got audio through, so i wonder now if the rest will work…

what is your DROPOUT PROTECTION setting?

will go and try now

YES! ive recorded MAIN L - woo hoo! so all along it was because my dropout protection was on MAXIMUM. so i wonder now if i follow the rest of your video that i can now record all the other tracks…

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It’s a bit fiddly in studio one but eventually it works. If the buffers in studio one are wrong indeed OB does not work. After expanding the track from the instrument (first part in the vid) you expand the number of faders. Next you have to insert new stereo channels below the OB channel. One for every track you like to arm and record. So main (master DT including FX and compressor) and the tracks 1 to 8 and, if needed, the DT input tracks.
Note: if ypu play back the recording tou have to mute the instrument otherwise it doubles the recording and instrument audio playback.

got it! its working! thank you for going through this with me, that helped enormously.

what sort of buffer settings do you use btw? i think i have mine set to 128, seems ok so far.

thanks again