Studio One 5

Studio One 5 released ! Nice new features.


Looks like their shop is down.

They mention preforming and streaming live, but I can’t really find any info about it. That’s definitely pretty interesting. Show page seems cool too. I’ll probably be upgrading.


My DAW of choice. The Show Page looks pretty interesting.

I think the showpage seems aimed at taking over from main stage, where you can have vsts and backing tracks mixed in with live sound. Seems neat to me.

Guess I misunderstood and took it as having some type of streaming integration. Thanks!

Maybe… I didn’t see that, but if they dont yet they definitely should add that feature in the future!

I bought the upgrade for Professional for $125 before a couple of the sites removed it. TBH, I got a bit hyped before really digging in and bought it. I’ve only spent an hour or two with it so far (the site was crashed all day and I could register my serial), but I like several of the improvements. Probably the clip gain functionality and mixer snapshots are worth it alone as ‘simple’ as those are. Maybe I’m just easy to please? Pretty indifferent about the plugin UI changes, I didn’t mind the prior ones and I mostly use 3rd party stuff anyway, but the stock plugins are plenty good.

I don’t mind supporting Presonus as they’ve traditionally done pretty big .5 updates included, so hopefully that remains. For my needs, S1 is a great DAW and my favorite overall. It’s basically the Cubase I always wanted at this point. I do some creative stuff in Ableton, but mixing and especially mastering are always S1.


S1 is my DAW of choice by far and this update seems fine. Clip gain envelopes is DEFINITELY something I will use as I’m always cutting up vocals and turning certain phrases up and down.

Score integration seems cool. I bought Notion but having it right there in Studio One should be helpful.

I don’t understand what “use real hardware with the ease of a virtual instrument” means or how exactly they’re doing it.

I like that they’re example for MTC is an Elektron Analog Rytm :slight_smile: Their lack of MTC kind of confused me before when I tried to sync my Prophet Rev 2’s arp and sequencer…But MIDI always makes me scratch my head anyway.

I don’t think I’ll be picking this up until it’s inevitably half off on black friday. I like to stay up-to-date just because this is partly how I make a living, so I like all bugs to be fixed and whatnot. But none of these are selling me and money is tight.

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"Dust off that TX81Z! Your classic MIDI synths can now be incorporated into your digital productions as easily as virtual instruments. Introducing the Aux Channel, a new channel type that allows any external audio source to be fed into the Studio One® Mixer without the need to create an Audio Track that clutters your session.

Simply connect your external hardware to any available input on your audio interface and mix their signals natively using plug-ins, sample-accurate volume automation, and more. Aux Channels can be mapped to external MIDI devices, so your hardware synthesizers and workstations will enjoy complete integration into your Studio One workspace. You can even add External Instruments directly from the Studio One Browser using drag-and-drop. This will automatically create an Instrument Track and the mapped Aux Channels, so you’re ready to begin sequencing with real hardware—but with the ease of your favorite virtual instrument."

I’d have to see this in action cause I honestly don’t know what they’re talking about or how this solves anything.

“Don’t clutter up your audio tracks!..Instead…Clutter them up with an aux track!”

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This guy is pretty annoying but he explains the Aux Channel feature. They basically streamlined several aspect of the workflow of using an external midi instrument.


Lucky me I bought s1 before april 30 so I got the upgrade for free.

Bit of a nitpick but I wish they would do something about the look of colored channel strips. Maybe change the palette or redo the graphics a bit. They look disgusting to me, like some kind of cardboard that’s been drawn over with cheap markers, so I keep them gray. Otherwise I’m very happy with studio one.

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I still don’t get what’s new about that lol. How’s this different to a regular audio channel with ins set to the corresponding audio ins of an instrument?

I’ll have to dig deeper I guess, seems like I’m missing something.

EDIT: Funny that they would emphasise this feature but add no mentioning of the added MPE support…to me the latter is the much bigger feature, at least until I get that AUX thing :slight_smile:

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Only read what it does (not the video), but it seems to be a midi+audio track. So in stead of having to add a midi track + an audio track this aux track does both in one, similar to how VST’s use the instrument track. So similar to the audio rack in Ableton, but then integrated in a track.

Looks like a nice update. Reading through all the new features. Wondering if there’s any new instrument/effect.

Clip gain envelopes are very very welcome. Awesome :slight_smile:

edit: So no new or much improved plugins in their suite unfortunately. But the new looks are nice and I see an EQ with a piano roll added (that’s new I think?) which is pretty smart :slight_smile: Love that.

The mixing console scenes are an incredible addition as well!


About Aux Channel
Sequencing my PERfourMER from Studio One 4:
1/ Add an instrument track
2/ Set the midi output to my soundcard and midi channel correctly
3/ Add a stereo audio track
4/ Set the audio track input to the right input of my soundcard

To hear my synth, monitor BOTH track, audio track just to hear but no notes sent, instrument track send notes but no sound back.

Studio One 5:
1/ Aux Channel


Totally random bit of praise: as a plugin developer, Presonus is absolutely the fastest and most responsive when I have an issue or question :trophy: . I’ve received replies from their dev teams in under ten minutes. They make my life easier.


Are you able to more easily change midi CC parameters and stuff?

With Studio One (maybe someone can help me out?) I struggle even with the basics of having my Prophet Rev2 send MIDI signal into my focusrite (that part I got just fine), and then back out from the Focusrite to the Rev2…I thought I got it right one time but every time I pressed play in Studio One it started the sequencer in the Rev 2 :man_shrugging:

Sync to external MC, nice. Looks like some Ableton style clips too.

Demo at Splice. I’m checking it out now.


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I’ve slept on it and watched some more videos and I’ve decided I’m pretty disappointed in this update.

That being said: I really don’t have any feature requests for Studio One and was perfectly happy with Studio One 4 (which I will of course continue using for the foreseeable future) so I think that says a lot about the DAW itself. It works just like it should and I’m fine with that.

I guess I was hoping for something along the lines of that Henry Ford quote? “If I had listened to what people wanted I would’ve invented a faster horse” kind of thing. I was hoping for something I had no idea I wanted but that would excite me…Instead I’m kind of left with “eh”

To me this is a really big and really good update. I will definitely be getting it.

The new aux channel for hardware was a feature request I was hoping for. This will really help getting synths in. Soloing external hardware is finally possible with one track.

What I love most though is the new control room. If you use reference or arc, you will love this. Cubase, my former daw, has this and it was the only feature I missed when moving to s1. No more forgetting to bypass the plugin.

The rest is icing on the cake to me.

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I’m with you. These may seem like minor updates but there are some serious workflow enhancement that are going to save a lot of mouse clicks.

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