Studio Clearout - Matrix1000/RE-20/ AMPEG


Hello and Happy New Year!

Reorganized my studio. Very open to any offers anybody may have. I will give a lower price than almost anything currently out there on the market.

As there is a lot of gear I will take pics on request for now.

Synths/Drum Machines
Oberheim Matrix 1000 - superb condition -¥60,000 / £438 / $554

BOSS RE-20. Perfect with box. Only owner. ¥20,000 / £146 / $184
Roland SRV-330 great condition but little signs of cosmetic wear and tear ¥15,000 / £109 / $138
Sony DPS D7 delay One knobs is slightly broken but doesn’t effect any mthing. Great delay capable of some really out there stuff. Works perfectly. ¥15,000 / £109 / $138
BOSS SE-50 - great condition and perfect working order ¥10,000 /£72 / £92
AMPEG SCR-DI. Mint and boxed. ¥20,000 / £146 / $184

All items shipping from Sagamihara, Japan.
Buyer pays shipping.
Pay via PayPal, F&F fine with me.
Videos of the gear in action offered over FaceTime/Skype. :wink:


Where are you based?


Sagamihara, Japan. :slight_smile:




Finally getting there… so much stress, so many wires, more routing options than you can shake a stick at… but less than before. Everything has power and midi. Tomorrow I will start routing the signals. No OT’s in the picture. They will be near the gear filled hole in the wall as the brain of the set up.

I edited the post to include prices now. If anyone is interested be sure to let me know. This stuff is going thick and fast. Best offers accepted!



Prices dropped and list updated


The DX7 is gone…

It was in mint condition and had a flight case!

Bye bye, big guy. Thank you for all of the memories.


How much to ship the srv-330 to the U.S.?



Hi there!

I have next to zero experience with buying and selling overseas. I normally take things to the local pawn shop. My guesstimate is ¥10,000 but I will take a photo of the receipt as part of my due diligence and refund the difference.

Furthermore, I looked at the TR8 which is exactly half the weight of the SRV but it is impossible to calculate as there are so many people offering different prices for shipping.

I don’t know how to calculate the price because the postal websites are all in Japanese.