Stuck with a muted track

Hi there!

I’m new to the Model:Samples and I’ve been playing with it and getting to know it. I came across this problem that I can’t really understand…while I was tweaking a pattern, I realised that one of the tracks had gone mute. I tried to load a new sample, still mute. I cleared the pattern, cleared the track, loaded a whole new kit…but this specific track is STILL on mute. And yes, I checked if the track was muted…it’s not. What am I missing? Thanks

Hello Davidz,
have you tried to put the decay to max, start point to 0 and lenght to max?
I Know it sounds silly but sometimes it happend to me…

Yep! The decay was set to zero! How can I clear this setting without having to check ALL parameters?

So that was it ! :+1:
You can create a template pattern (or project ) that you will use everytime you want to create something new. It will speed up your workflow.