Strymon Deco Hack (Feedback Input)


Surprised I haven’t seen this covered much. Has anyone else tried this?

You can feed the input back into the strymon by switching the internal stereo mode. You get higher gain (but also higher noise floor) and longer echoes.

Deco Hack Demo


You can do this with any delay (or other effect) by connecting the input of the delay to an aux send on your mixer and the output of the delay to a regular input channel on your mixer. It’s commonly referred to as a “dub delay” for obvious reasons… :slight_smile:


Oh for sure, but nice to be able to do it in box :wink:


Well, this uses a mixer as well I think; it’s just outside the frame…


This is just using the aux send of the mixer.


You don’t see the difference? You just want to spam the post?


Sorry, but no. Maybe I don’t understand how this is hooked up exactly and/or in what way it differs from a “regular” dub delay setup.


You don’t have to take up a channel on your mixer because you split the input with a TRS tip/ring cable. The Deco has an internal mono/stereo switch that enables this.