STROM for iPad


yeah it is a dream to load up audio from any app hassle free to the Rytm. was a drram.
I might choose to dowgrade the rytm firmware and miss out on some new stuff actually


Has anyone tried to directly email him?

The Sysex changes in the last OS update are minimal, it would probably be an easy edit for him.


Last I checked he posted on FB to contact him by phone for which he left a number.


The Sysex changes in the last OS update are minimal, it would probably be an easy edit for him.

makes it all more frustrating :wink:

not to mention that i got to use the Strom app only once or twice after purchasing the app with the A_Rytm in-app… :frowning:


I;ve bought Strom for 5 dollars or so, just to get to know, that it’s not working with that OS i have? I have 1.45.

So i need to downgrade?

Will it work with Behringer iStudio is202? I have problems with making it working with Rytm.


I think you need the 1.30 OS’s to work with Strom


Someone is using iStudio i202 with 1.30 and can confirm Strom is working working with sample upgrade?:slight_smile:
Someone could confirm iStudio with Collider on 1.30? :slight_smile:


Collider requires 1.45 now


Collider requires 1.45 now

yeah damn, just when i decided to downgrade to 1.30 just for Strom sample part, i did not realise i would need to go without Collider totally. (i m pretty sure there is no way to get hold of the older collider version,)

what a mess
damn this is frustrating

i bought rytm because of rich implementation with ipad and such…
now it is not used for about a month or so :frowning:


I could experiment with adding a 1.30 toggle under options. Right now the extra stuff in the new kit structure is unused / unknown, so I don’t think there would be a functional difference. The change would be easy, but I’m not going to downgrade to test it :astonished:

Right now patterns should be backwards compatible with 1.30 and 1.45, just not the Kit stuff.


your such a great developper
i could test it?


It will be in next week’s update. Are you sure Collider Kits don’t work in 1.30?

My 1.45 machine seems to be accepting both 1.30 kits and 1.45 kits


Well, i never made any statements about what’s working and what
's not…

I am still on 1.45, will downgrade to 1.30 and test it this weekend…

P.S. I was still exploring the mighty Collider, and I am not knowledgable about all it’s functions yet 8) (…as they are documented for self-exploring it seems :wink:


I may be asking the obvious, and apologies If I am, but:
are STROM / SDS Drop definitely dead - as in not compatible with the current AR OS version, and not being updated or further developed either?


That’s what it looks like, unfortunately. I’m one of the suckers who bought it about a month before the latest OS dropped. Decided dual VCOs were more important to me than Storm’s ease-of-use.


That’s a pity really, as I am very much enjoying the workflow and the randomization capabilities of STROM as inspirational starting points.

Has anyone tried to recreate similar functionality in Max4Live for example? Was thinking of attempting to do something down that avenue.


In case anyone else is having similar thoughts - there seem to be some projects in this direction, here is one result of my search (disclaimer: I did not have the time yet to test drive any of these)

Does anyone know for sure what the last AR OS was that STROM would support via direct connection of the iPad to AR? I got it to work via SDS drop having the AR on v1.31B (link here), but the direct connection is not working.


Have you tried Collider?


Actually I did - I have both, and Collider is really brilliant for what it is!

The interface of STROM, being reduced to a small number of key elements meaningful while playing (e.g. the large buttons and the low cerebral payload), is what makes it the stronger contender for my case, here about spontaneous, unplanned exploration of the AR sonic territory.

I feel that while STROM opens up AR to fast and playful interaction, Collider feels more analytical and like the front end to an ‘AR as DAW in a box’ type system. Definitely place for both.

The idea I had about the M4L route is that some few (key) controls (STROM like) could be mapped easily to another external controller that can be used directly during a live-like setup.


I also threw about 25 euro at it just before it getting obsolete.
i have one last small hope that after AB relaese an update for Strom comes will come.
It is supposed to be such a small update to make it work again :confused: