STROM for iPad


Ok so each time I click Strom Euclidean pattern it change the pattern in Rytm but stops to play.

It’s no big deal, but each time I have to click Play.

Rytm is connected to Ableton via Oberbridge

Is this a bug or something I’m doing wrong mr @void can u give me a help ?

I have this connected wirelessly to SDS Drop .


I might be wrong, but I think you also need to have SDS Drop on your MBP in order for wireless transfer to work. Another option is the camera connection kit for your ipad, for usb midi :smile:


Yes I do have sds drop and it works flawlessly!!

Only issue is that everytime I click pattern change in Strom stops áudio in Ableton. It’s anoying


Will strom run on an ipad mini G1?


Probably. It runs, at least the sampling part of it, on my brother’s iPad 2 without a problem. I think the mini g1 outclasses that in terms of power.

edit: Looking at the specs it looks like they’re both on 1 ghz A5 chips with the same amount of ram, same graphics, same number of pixels. They just shrunk it.


Thanks for your quick reply. Am I wrong to assume that the randomization/automation parts are less demanding on the iPad?


I haven’t tested it with a rytm on his iPad 2 so I don’t know…probably fine though.


Hello everyone. I never used Strom. Have a RYTM mk1 for a while now. I think Strom is the perfect addition. I have one question though, which I can’t find anywhere in this thread: how fast does the iPad need to be? I don’t own one and want to buy one solely for using Strom with my RYTM so I want to buy a refurbished one, not the latest model because that is too expensive right now. Will it run on one of the older models? What are the minimum requirements?


Hello :slight_smile:

Well I use an IPad 4 and everything is just fine


I’m not super hip to specs but I run it on a first generation iPad mini with no problems. They’ve been out for quite some time now so I’m sure you could pick one up cheap :thup:


Think I will. How are you guys connecting everything? Usb straight into RYTM or via computer over wifi/cable? I read a lot of issues with connection in the thread.


@void Any development on getting this updated for the latest machine? :slight_smile:


yes, I am also wondering. will Sampe loading stil work after I upgrade? are any further troubles expected?
will there be an update for new engine?


I recently purchased a Rytm mk1. The same day I spent 50 euro on all apps and utility’s from the Strom Developer.
Is this software abandoned now?`


Hi folks. Could one of you kind people who uses this app confirm if it currently works with the latest rytm firmware?
I guess the (abandoned?) app would still have value as a sample slicer and transfer app? Collider could then handle everything else…


Anyone can confirm that it works with the latest firmware? About to buy an ipad especially for using strom and sds drop…


No, it needs to be updated to address the new OS.


Guess I’ll go for collider then. Roughly the same features apart from the sampling bit right?


Jakob, please come save us!


Collider is far superior IMO and the developer is more more reliable! But yes, the sampler bit is a nice touch within Strom.