STROM for iPad


Big ups for undo history. What would be even better is a Version button that will save both Kit and Pattern in Strom. Essentially that’ll enable a kind of Ableton clip workflow not worrying about losing the work and keeping it neatly organized and recallable


yea gotcha… it’s UNDO but with a button to add items manually… it always saves/restores kit+pattern.

for organizing, right now it’s basically just a list sorted by date-added, but will have filtering, search & sorting options… e.g. for date range, pattern slot, kit name, location (searching for something I made at my friend’s place two weeks ago) etc. etc.

so it’s completely detached from AR project structure. if you restore an item, it will send the pattern to the current pattern slot, and the kit into the current kit buffer.

currently figuring out re-referencing of sample slots so that you can easily transport patterns/kits between projects with two taps…

so this will solve two problems:

  • losing patterns/kits by not saving/accidentally overwriting… they will always be in the history somewhere.

  • moving things from one project to another is currently a major PITA, especially if samples are involved…



ok a bit of a crazy idea…

so this new history thing makes it easy to keep backups of your fav+ patterns & kits.
currently testing this, it’s pretty neat to be able to just tap on an item and it’s there, and it will update the project sample list automatically. so you can e.g. make a new project, and then just fill it with your fav stuff from the history even when the contained sounds are using samples. such as, when you’re preparing a liveset.

now, this would also let you easily share patterns & kits with other people. problem is that samples are only stored on the +drive in your rytm, and there’s no way to get to them. so if you would want to share something which includes samples (other than the factory samples), that’s quite impossible.

so I’m contemplating if it would be worth it to keep track of transferred samples, and save the sample data somewhere… locally, or even (wait for it) in the cloud. so if you share something, it could include the sample data (as long as the sample has been tracked / stored. this would of course only work with new stuff)… and when you import something, it could ask you if you want to transfer the included samples.

it would certainly be an interesting thing to do. question is, would people use this…? historically, not a lot of sysex sharing is going on here. it would be some amount of work, and wouldn’t be worth doing if only a handful people make use of it.


that sounds amazing! but yeah, curious about the return on investment for cloud sharing. I would imagine a very limited audience would use that. If you went through with that effort I would say it’s probably worth it to make it an in-app purchase upgrade.


yeah lets see how the non-cloud history turns out first…
actually thinking of maybe offering the history as IAP, as frankly it’s getting a bit advanced in its own right… e.g. when you transfer a pattern to a different project, it automatically updates sound-locks & such…


I’d pay for that!


I also would definitely be up for of undo history functionality - iap or otherwise. hurrah!

(dunno if I would use or care much for cloud storage tho)


yeah yeah… cloud sharing is on the back burner… but the history is coming along…


Any news on the wifi update, Jacob?


well it works… which gives me much better debugging, so I’m now rewriting a ton of stuff…


Just figured out a way to send samples from the OT to the AR using STROM!

Kingston Mobilelite Wireless G3 can read the OT like an external USB drive, and I can open up the files in the strom app and send them to the AR :thup:

I rarely switch on my laptop these days so this will be handy.


! I know someone who is going to drop dead when they see this!
Great tip!


any reason this:
wouldn’t work for strom?


Might or might not work. 30pin & lightning cables are a bit weird, IIRC there has to be something resembling a DRM inside the cable for “Made for iOS” devices to work? Therefore these things only work with the gear they’re originally built for (do correct me if I’m wrong though)


Today i bought Strom, but it instantly Crashes at the startup. (Ipad air 2 ios 9.3.2)
Whats wrong?


thanks!! it’s super frustrating. I have 2 of those native instruments cords, and when it comes down to it, they stay put in the 30 pin connector slot better, it’s the same damn shit… and the camera connection kits are vanishing quick… I just need to getta new iPad… ugh…


Hi, sorry for the late response - I was off the grid this last week. replied via mail!

if anyone else has crashing problems with Strom - I tried to be clever with a security mechanism that’s in there since 1.0.0, but turns out it isn’t very smart. It may crash the app after an iOS or Strom update. To get it working again, you need to uninstall and reinstall the app. This is fixed in the next version.


I’m loving Strom (not upgraded yet).
A question though, is there a way to zoom in so I can set the grid to zero crossing and remove clicks and pops?


Hi there,

I’m a user of Strom and I’m always surprised there’s not more buzz about it on the web pages dedicated to the AR.

Thx Void for this.

I use Strom heavily because I only improvise on the AR, and the pattern/kit recalls (4 dots at the top) are really a great help for that (create a good pattern, save it, destroy it, recall to go back to normal)

In that connection, I wondered if it would be possible to add the functionality, for pattern recall, to only recall track that are selected on the 12 pads below. Say, only recall the kick and snare tracks from the saved pattern, and leave the others as they are, for example. That would really enhance the app, for me at least :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know how feasible or difficult it is on the technical level, though.



Can’t you already do this without strom? “reload track”