Strange problem with some keys on Analog Keys


Hi! I’m bumping this as I have the same problem. Did anyone find a solution? I submitted a support ticket. It’s just so unpredictable! Sometimes those keys will work after 5 minutes, sometimes they’ll work after I bang on them, or tilt or jiggle the synth. But, we need to rely on these keys working every time! I was hoping to take this on tour with me in April but I’m hesitant to trust it on the road!


Just out of interest, can you tell me it’s production date. Should be on the serial number sticker.

I’m trying to sell mine, and was asked by the buyer if I had this issue too; which I don’t.


I’d be interested if others with this issue have similar manufacturing dates


They got back to me and said I would have to replace the keybed and since it is out of warranty I would have to pay for repairs, which would be $50 per 30 mins, plus $88 for the keybed, plus the shipping costs.


Man, that’s steep for fixing a hardware fault that shouldn’t have occurred in the first place…


They said that it’s been “only a handful” of people who have had this issue, so I’d be curious to get a head count of how many units were faulty and what the manufacturing date is on them.


did they give you the option of just purchasing the keybed? I would imagine it’s not super difficult to swap them; though I’ve never opened mine up, so I could be wrong…


I wrote them back to ask that. I think it would be so counterproductive to ship it back and forth. As long as there’s not a whole bunch of soldering, I think I could handle fixing it myself if they could give a little bit of instruction.


Yesterday when I had the issue, I tilted the synth and gently patted it (like burping a baby lol), then the keys worked again. This leads me to believe it’s just a connection that comes loose.


years ago, when the joystick failed in my SFX-6 and it was out of warranty, they sent me a new one. replacement involved a bit of soldering work, but wasn’t super difficult. and well before that, they similarly sent me a Machinedrum pot to replace myself. so they are open to the idea of letting customers do their own repair work. because, as you say, the shipping is what kills you. both of the instances above, they had zero US representation, so I would’ve had to ship to Sweden. :cry:


They have sent me new pots for my MD and separately my OT… totally free of charge Dawg bless’em!!


Thanks. At least I can now assure that this issue came years before mine was manufactured in 2017.

On the bright side, the keybed they use is too heavily sprung anyway. So you can get it replaced locally and pick the keybed that suits you best.


Elektron have offered to do the repair! But now, the funniest thing - suddenly, the keys are working again every time I turn it on :joy:This is after they were consistently NOT working for days and days. Maybe tapping it and gently shaking it did the trick? lol. I’ll keep testing…


That’s amazing.
I sent support tickets and emails asking about having the keyboard springs changed, and not one response!
That’s why I haven’t touched it for several months and why I’m selling it.


Is it because this was suggested as a third party mod?


I asked a few times if they provided the service themselves or through their distribution/service partners; like moog does.
No answer.
I temporarily taped lead under a few keys to test that out, but it made very little difference.


That’s what I’m implying, people in this thread suggested it as a third party mod, so unlikely Elektron will give information about that. But they should at least respond to every ticket.


Their Los Angeles office don’t offer repairs?


well the one repair I did was before the LA office was there. maybe… 2003…? and the second time, I could’ve sent it in but they helped me do the repair myself.


Hi! Just got a second hand analog keys and got the same problem. Haven’t tried the burping baby trick though… :wink:

Did you find a permanent solution for your issue ? My serial number date is 2-2015