Strange Problem With my Ocatrack! Need wisdom : (


Don’t forget to make a backup of the whole card before you edit your projects manually!

And nice work finding the error! Let us know if this fixes the problem.


Yes because you apparently have a cancerous project. :sketchy:


After you make a backup and do your deleting maneuvers, I’d do an empty reset just for good measure. It wipes and reinitializes the RAM, just in case there’s some weird leftover data pointing at that bank.


Thanks great advice! Is there a tutorial online for this process? Thanks


Empty Reset Tutorial :
Hold Function + Power up
Press trig 2


Awesome thanks so much huge help! Should I do it with the CF card out or in?


You can leave it in, the card will remain intact except for the current projects active ram state, the current projects saved state will be intact. Afterwords it’ll boot to a fresh project state but you won’t be within a set or project, so do a save or save as new and it should prompt you to mount a set and name a project…



Originally I was scared of writing on here and explaing how I solved it because it wasn’t an issue with the OT or Ableton at all!

While working in Ableton’s clip view I somehow recorded in a small passage of one of my OT projects into the arrangement view. when hitting space bar to clock the OT to ableton it launched the arrangement view and always took 10-15 mins before the play head got the the audio of the small recording and because I was in clip view the entire time I couldn’t see the audio region in the arrangement!

Anyways It was great to get some trouble shooting from you all, it’s amazing how healthy the community is on here!



Duuuuude… Haha…
No worries this stuff happens, thanks for getting back because that was a weird one and it’s good to have an explanation…