Strange problem with Bax, Please help

The moment analog heat mk2 updated to ‘iPad compatible’, I bought an ah mk2 @ Bax.
Unfortunately my system crashed all the time. I had instability issues, and sent it back within their 60 days cashback tule,

Unfortunately I was so stupid to explain them why I was not happy with it. I wrote on the form that the product had instability issues.

Now I dont get my money back because they said the product is broken. The will try to repair the product themselved (Bax will make better drivers?), if they won’t be successful repairing, they will send it to elektron.

What can i do? I want my money back, I cannot play a soundcard that I cannot trust for sound continuity and perform with the hope that this time my sound won’t crash.

If Bax and elektron won’t find why it is broken, i have to pay 50€, for sending them a broken product that is not broken (while I didn’t send them a broke product, But a ‘money back’ product).

This makes me crazy! What can i do?

The content of your message to Bax might be the core of the problem.
Were you still in the 60-days return period?
What in your words made them think your responsibility was ingaged?
Have you ever done anything to the procut that can be reproached to you and give you any responsibility in the product being defective (ie have you installed another firmware?)

What about the AH: was it working when standalone? Has it ever worked with your system?

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Tell m you also don t like the sound of it. Done.

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Saying this because I once returned an fx pedal that had a broken LED and I wasn t super fond of. They accepted it under the 60 days term.


Never had any problem with Bax, as far as I can remember.

Yes, I called them the day after receiving, i sent it back before the 60 days deadline.

I wrote that the soundcard crashes when working with iPad. It was not stable enough to perform with

When they read ‘the product crashes’, they think the product has to be repaired. I think there is a quality issue with the drivers. They want to repair, or send it to elektron.

I updated to the latest os (which was necessary for using with iPad)

It worked very well when using standalone.

I don’t use a computer, only ot mk2&a4mk2
I want to add my iPad. That’s where I bought it for.

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Maybe they understood that the product actually crashed on the floor ^^

No way you don’t get fully refunded.

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Thank you, I hope you are right,
But I am afraid you are not,
We’ll see.

Let them try to repair it. They can’t as its out of their ability so in the end they will just give you your money back. The lost $50 on postage can be added at the same time as the refund if you ask for it. The only thing you will have wasted is time.

I had too many. I don’t go there anymore…