Strange bug that comes and go


I have a weird bug that pops up from time to time on my MD UW+. It occurs at a completely random rate and I never managed to reproduce it myself or find a solution to stop it. It just appears and disappears without any logic.

Here’s the bug: At some point of a session the four bottom encoders start acting eratically, or stop working completely. It’s always the four at the same time, and always the bottom one. The “H” encoder is the one that bugs the most, sometime not working at all for a very long time, like an hour. The 3 other usualy bug more eratically but it can also last for a long time. Sometime the push+turn action works but not the normal action. Sometimes it’s the other way around. The push action alone always work

And then usualy, just like that, it starts working again, for no particular reason. And the bug way not reappears for days

I recorded a short video to show the problem. In 2 minutes you see the encoders not working and then wroking and then not working. The H encoder stopped working completely.

I haven’t ask Elektron yet in case somedoby here already experienced the problem.

It’s a 2016 MD, last batch, in perfect condition. Test mode ok but when testing the encoders in test mode I have the same erratic behaviour.

Any idea ? Hardware ? Software ?


You can rule out software by mapping an external controller to those knobs or backing up the device and doing a factory reset, or upgrade to Justin’s newer OS.

It’s most likely hardware. Do they wiggle at all? Sometimes the solder joints break with excessive use.

I have a 2015 and had to get the encoders replaced. I sent it into elektron California shop. It was 5$ Per encoder and 30min of labor (like 50$ per 30 min) + shipping both ways.

It was 100$ to get all encoders replaced + shipping. Was 2 weeks turn around time…and this was mid Covid shutdown.

They’re repair prices were far more reasonable than I expected, and I figured I’d do it sooner than later because who knows if they are gonna stop accepting repairs on them soon.

Edit: I wish I would have know before sending it in, but rumor has it they’ll put a white monomachine display in it if you request it (if the red hurts your eyes after a while).

Thanks for the reply.

After exchanging with the elektron support I seem to have solve the problem. The only thing I didn’t do when investigating was creating a completely new project. The problem has not occur since then so I hope it’s gone. It way have been some kind of midi conflict somewhere as I could see the behaviour changing when I plug and unplug the midi cable. It’s still kind of mysterious but for now it’s gone.


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