Strange bug moog matriarch

Hey! I‘m really concerned about this one, I hope there are some matriarch owners here…

I have the following setup:
XOR Nerdseq in my Eurorack using:
Pitch output 1 —> Matriarch Osc1 pitch
Pitch output 2 —> Matriarch Osc2 pitch
Pitch output 3 —> Matriarch Osc3 pitch
Pitch output 4 —> Matriarch Osc4 pitch

Oscillators 1-3 sound fine and I can Pitch them perfectly, but when I start to mix in Osc4 it does not ouput any waveform but some type of amplified white/pink noise following an envelope (not sure if it was the filter env or the amp env…).
Whats going on? Can someone try to reproduce this bug?

I wanted to use the 4 cv ins for independent glide control of the oscillators(for example)
I tried everything I could think of to get the 4th osc running but always got the noise.
Via Midi I don‘t have this Problem.

Other than that I couldn’t be happier with this synthesizer! Especially fed right into the syntakt fx chain is really impressive :space_invader:

Greetings from the eifel

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Does osc 4 function normally when the nerdseq is not connected?

Swap your patch cables going to pitch 3 and 4. If the problem goes to osc 3, then the issue comes from Nerdseq.