Strange behavior of SRC3 LED

I have found a strange behavior of LED when setting SRC3 to CUE in recording setup.

The setting is,
Track 7 (Thru Machine / INAB -> [AB] / Track7 CUEd)
Track 1 (FLEX Machine / recording setup 1 page SRC3 -> [CUE] )

This setup is to record external source through Thru Machine setting it as SRC3 and CUE, not directly from AB or CD

After making this setting, I saved the project, and turned off the Octatrack and turned it on again.
When I turn on external gear routed to Track 7 (THRU Machine), the SRC3 LED of Track 1 should blink since Track7 is CUEd. But LED is not blinking. However, signal is coming into SRC3 because I can record it. (AB and CD is disabled in recording setup, only SRC3)

To see the SRC3 LED, I have to trigger it once pressing FUNC+REC1 (even I already set SRC3 to CUE before turning off Octatrack.)
Once I go into Recording Setup page, the SRC3 LED now blinks.
However, if I turn off and turn on Octatrack, I have to trigger SRC3 LED again doing same procedure.

I am attaching a link of test video. I have tested it many times but same symptom happend everytime. I wasn’t cautious about it until now, since I didn’t used SRC3 recording that much.
The OS is 1.40A newly updated.
Does anyone have this symptoms too?
I am curious if this is a bug or something is wrong with mine.

Your opinions will be helpful. Thank you for reading!

Anyone has thoughts about this behavior?

There is nothing wrong with your unit. It seems that the OT doesn’t check the setting after a power cycle and needs a little “reminder” to activate the leds.


Thank you for your answer. I was worried if my Octatrack is behaving wrong.

I received this answer below from Elektron user care about the issue. It’s a bug. Hope it can be fixed in future.