Stimming reviews the Model:Samples


I mean, we’re just seeing a half-hour summary at the end of what we must assume is hours of cumulative use of these devices, and from what we can see it looks like he’s well-acquainted with the Elektron workflow, so it might be a little unfair to assume he’s being fickle, rather than making considered statements based on his own experience and use-case.


I suppose it could be the candid vibe he projects, or his demeanor… it’s endearing and it also feels sort of spontaneous.


I dunno… I find him to relatively open and straight forward and I can see how for some people the M:S is really immediate and hands-on versus the OT (which he uses two of) for doing more in-depth type stuff. In that circumstance I can see how the DT might feel like it falls between two stools and ends up being a bit underwhelming. Personally, I love my DT and would pick it everyday in front of an M:S but I can see the appeal.

But I also enjoy how open Stimming is about the drawbacks of the M:S too (and he highlights a good few) and does a reasonable job of explaining why it’s not a concern for him. And I can take from the video that the M:S wouldn’t be for me as those drawbacks would bother me. Unless I used the DT and M:S together which I can imagine to be a lot fun. Just not enough fun for me to justify splashing the cash at this point in time.


I agree with what your saying. He made a few silly points about reverb and reload pattern on the DT. All false information and user error, it took me a couple of hours before muscle memory kicked in now operating the machine is like typing on a keyboard. it’s very well designed and layed out.

He clearly likes elektron though and uses their products extensively Ike all of us so he gets some respect for the MD comment. (Hint hint)l


It’s ok love the the DT, I do as well, but I didn’t find his points to be silly at all. I’ve screwed up saving instead of reloading on the DT many times while playing live. Of course that says worse things about me than the DT :slight_smile:

I sold my DT because my OT just works so much better for me. I still love the DT, but needed money to fund an A4mkii. Love doing drums on that machine a lot, but I totally get the appeal of every Elektron box. Just depends on what you want it for. M:S seems like a fantastic drum machine to me. Not saying I’ll get one, but not saying I won’t!


I typed this exact sentiment (basically) right before your post


No that’s fair enough I mean we are all human I just disagree with those two points he made the reverb isn’t better on the MS “silly” is a poor choice of words I mean I got his point just personally I don’t think it’s a design flaw considering how well thought out everything is, you stop looking after a couple of hours. :sunglasses:

I’m going to grab the MS I was using a volca sample for basic drum hits and did have a tr8s this seems ideal for someone like me.


For live stuff I think the M:S makes a lot of sense. The OT and A4 keep me busy enough that a simple, knob per function drum machine has a lot of appeal


He’s right about the pattern save/reload thing. I’ve done it a shitload. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s clearly better implemented on the M:S.
He’s way too forgiving of the lack of attack or filter env, that’s a deal-breaker as far as I’m concerned for a drum oriented sample player.
Each to his own though, I still quite like his little reviews even though I don’t always agree with what he’s saying.


I have a m:s and love it, and I just discovered how fun it is doing drums on the A4! I dunno why it’s so fun on this machine but I really like it.


Yes the tears have been real with the DT for me. Especially after you’ve tweaked lots of stuff and can’t quite figure out how to get it back. And for those talking about muscle memory, I also play guitar, and sometimes I will play a bum note. But I then don’t have to re-tune the guitar. Point being, sometimes muscle memory will fail you, and the consequences of that failure vary.


This for sure


Yeah I think its over all a good review and he makes some decent points but I think most of his arguments against the digitakt are basically brought down to practise more or put a sticker on the no button as a reminder… I understand that DT might not be the optimal sub drum machine if you are really more focused on it being drums and as easy as possible but yeah his review reeks of him being excited about a new box that will be replaced by the next cool thing. Especially considering some stuff like the reverb being the same :sweat_smile:


Yeah, I can imagine that the sting of a botched build/drop during a live set would stick with anyone, especially when it’s a matter of being off your mark by 0.5-1 cm. I think that Stimming’s gripe vis-a-vis the DT is totally valid. It’s not like he totally slammed the DT, he just said it’s a feature that has room for improvement.


Maybe elektron can add disable saving future into firmware?


$300.00 at the most…


I would like to know if Stimming got given that unit, or if he bought it. Good review, I am a fan of his technical approach even though his music is not to my taste.
If I was playing shows regularly, and needed a hands on drum machine with fx and tricks, then yeah sure the model samples might be of interest, especially if it was free.
For me personally, this machine is of no interest at all.


The MS filter is quite strange that’s prob what’s effecting his reverb I cant decide how I feel about it yet but coming from complete control Elektron machines to very little & the sound designer in me has to step back can’t decide if it’s good or bad for me creatively yet lmao