Stereo delay neigbour track?


Does somebody know why I cant here the ping pong left right in my delay track?
I use a thru track on T6 for my mic input where I add EQ and compression. If I turn the balance knob on my T6 I can hear my voice going left and right. When I use T7 as neighbour track and add delay I cant hear stereo delay … everything is in the middle. If I turn balance on T7 it stays in the middle. Yes X is enabled in delay settings.

Kind Regards Ben

AFAIK it’s not a “true” stereo delay, but it sums its inputs to mono and produces stereo output.

(Or was that a discussion about the reverb here lately?)

I think we were talking about the darkverb. But maybe delay is similar, I haven’t tested it.

At least from Ben’s description it sounds like that.

Still no OT here. My job keeps me too busy to even think about it.

It pans at the opposite on first repeat and alternate with feedback.
If your signal is mono, it stays mono.
If your signal is panned left, first repeat is in the right, and alternate pan for repeats.

If you want to do a ping-pong delay, pan your signal with an lfo. If you want to keep neutral panning for dry signal, you need a 2nd track.

Neighbor track doesn’t seem to have effective balance setting. Lfo wouldn’t work. But the delay track can be a Flex recording the dry source*. Big advantage : to can also modulate pitch an other Playback page parameters.

*Play the T1-T8 recording with the Flex, and place a trig with +1/384 microtiming.
Delay Setup DIR = 0


Thanks, I use thru machines for now. Didnt record the inputs so cannot switch it to flex or static at this time. Good to know that mono input stays mono with delay. It’s just strange. some drum samples are mono as well but there I hear a ping pong L R delay … :stuck_out_tongue:

and no its not about verb. It’s the delay FX I’m talking about. When I pan the first track to L or R a bit I can start hearing some L R delay but then the dry signal is not in the middle.

Yeah, like sezare says it seems to work in a way that delays your left input signal to the right and your right input signal to the left. In this way if they are the same (mono) it doesn’t really have an affect. It is processing in stereo from the inputs and is also affected by “bal” in the amp section…

When using neighbor tracks and want to change amp settings you use the source tracks amp page…


I’m talking about replacing Neighbor (T7 in your example), by a Flex track recording T6 and playing it. T6 can be Thru or whatever…
It can act as a Neighbor and more…a ping-pong delay with resonant filter and pitch mod for example.


Use an lfo’s setfor pan