Step recording mode -Explanation

Can somebody please explain me the step recording mode? I still do not get it after watching a couple of youtube videos (Dave Mech e.g.) and reading the manual. I can follow the instructions in the manual until step 3. where it says to hold FUNC and Press a Trig. In the videos the track buttons then turn into chromatic mode but for me they don’t and then I am lost :frowning:

Can you link to one of the videos you’re watching?

Have you tried pressing FUNC+UP (or FUNC+DOWN) to switch to Chromatic mode first?

Yep. Function + up/down selects the active mode for the trig buttons. A little pop up screen gives you a clue too.

Tis all in the manual. Dont trust these youtuberers.

AFAIK no Step Recording mode on Octatrack.

Grid Recording only.

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