Steam Deck

I’ve seen the launch of a new ‘handheld PC’ called Steam Deck.

I’m not really techie, but what does this mean for musicians? Apparently the Steam Deck can do anything what a PC can do…so goes the blurb, so will we be-able to like DAW on the go?

I appreciate Ipads are more than capable, but being able to switch between gaming and dawing, would be pretty, pretty, pretty good.

How big is the screen?

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7 inch, i believe. Very similar to the switch’s dimensions.

Was interested in this for gaming, but I didn’t even consider the application for musicians. Actually, I would be very interested if it can receive midi even if it won’t accept external audio. I actually got a lot of use out of the Korg Gadget app on the Nintendo Switch, but would still be using it in my setup if the Switch worked with a midi controller

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Is that screen size good enough for your DAW?


With my mincers a 70” screen wouldn’t be enough :joy:

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The placement of the controls on that thing look extremely unpleasant.

But I’m intrigued. Especially on dock (how I mainly play my Switch)

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Is 7 inches ever enough?!


The OS it ships with is Linux, but it should be able to run something like Bitwig without too much trouble. Now we just need a “controller” script for gamepad buttons :stuck_out_tongue:

Truly though, the touchpads are pressure sensitive and of course do XY, so maybe they could be made into MPE pads :smiley:

It does look pretty good, I would think adding a headless M8 or some other tracker software to it would be my thought to get around the smaller screen, M8 is essentially game pad controls already. Not exactly a DAW but it could be fun.

Oh man, just dawned on me that you could very well install Reaper on this thing. I’d been meaning to buy a new Macbook, but since this will be at least half the price and I don’t mind Linux as long as it supports my interface, this could be the portable recording computer to end all others.

We’ll see, but if it works I’ll definitely buy one as my next computer.

Could be quite handy connected to a monitor or TV via USB C.

Quite interested to see where this goes…