Stay at home online streams / concerts

For the time of the shutdown I will livestream concerts from my studio. Alone, with friends, whatever comes to my mind. First show is on Tuesday. I am going to play a Dub Techno Set which I prepared for a gig in Tübingen.

Do you have similar events planned or know of any? Put them in this thread!


That‘s brilliant. Do you have a hat to throw in a dime?

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Sell the recording via Bandcamp, would be cool.


Starting in a few minutes!

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Listened for 20 min and enjoyed it - thanks!

If your gigs have also been cancelled but you’re still performing via live stream, post some links here!

We’re playing in less than two hours from now. (5pm central time in the U.S.)

A local production company is hosting an internet event, so grab a beer, kick back, and check out some St. Patty’s Party with us!! (this will be bluegrassy Irish-ish)

I was literally sitting here this morning thinking about all the nights off I will have now for at least a few weeks when the text rolled in to see if we wanted to play online!

i had had zero gig cancellation 'til Sunday when one cancelled. and then yesterday they all cancelled.

day one of cancelled gigs is still looking bright.

edit: this is worded weird because it was its own topic for a short lived moment in time.

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Great thread idea! I’ll be doing a few streams, even though I didn’t have any shows planned. Will post here when they happen :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: off to a slow start but here we go


The recording of my set is now online on bandcamp as name your price album. The next show will be on saturday!


I enjoyed that a lot.

I watched Dropkick Murphys last night, I wish more bands would do the same, I would chip in.
We’ll be running a burlesque show soon, will post the link here

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my buddy is live right now!!

i’m live now… hour 4

going til im dead

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facebook… Chromium with some tracking protection - no go:

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but even if it worked - which sound codec is there & at which bitrate? I mean youtube uses Opus which has decent quality, sounding much better than MP3 (as far as lossy codecs go), but being CPU- & battery-hungry (unlike, say, Musepack).

I thought we could have a place to announce upcoming live shows broadcasted on the web ?
My first live stream ever will take place tomorrow at 4PM (French Time) on Facebook Live ( Maybe we can catch up ?
Take care !

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I’ll be doing one today at 2pm EST on I plan on playing around with various pieces of gear, talking to whoever wants to join, and overall just messing about.

EDIT: Streaming now at


nice set (Y)

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We did a facebook group if you want to promote it you’re welcome

We’ll broadcast a concert I did on Vertov’s Man With the Movie Camera later next week.

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#3 is coming tonight at 20:00 CET. I will be playing an ambient set with analog synthesizers and sequencers.

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Doing a live music and yoga class today with my wife at 2pm EST at

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