Status update on Overbridge


We’ll be obsolete before.


Well, I certainly have no idea about Elektron’s plans or timelines, but I’d say a mkII would fall in line with company history. There have been mkII’s of MD, MnM, OT, A4, AR, right?

Do you mean a mkII period? Or a mkII within a certain amount of time?


I have no problems with using old gear at all. I use an Analog Four MK1 and I love the Monomachine.

Ditching an MK1 after only a year definitely rubs me up the wrong way though. I’d prefer it if boxes were given time to mature before they were refreshed- it’s a bit rubbish to spend £600 on a machine just to have a better one come out 12 months later.

I’d love an MK2 in around 2020, but before would be a bit of a kick in the teeth to all of us who bought the DT.


Yeah, 2020 or later sounds about right to me also. I don’t think anyone would expect them to release a mkII after only a year.


Brace yourself for change, because their legacy is about every three years. Except for the Octatrack, which was seven, and the Analog series, which was five.


I should’ve probably make myself more clear:

I don’t mind the MK2 refreshes at all.

What bothers me is the suggestion of making significant changes to the functionality (I.e massive improvements like 8 outputs, stereo sampling) and releasing it a short time after the MK1.

It was mainly a response to the poster above who suggested replacing Overbridge with a new unit.


But we know that suggestion is make-believe anyway, and is not going to happen. So we can just ignore it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t recall wishing for something to be released now. Just stating something off of my wishlist, as in some day down the road or whatever. No need to worry, I’m sure Elektron will not listen to me. Don’t go into those threads where people wish for all sorts of crazy things from Elektron, your blood-pressure might not be able to take it. :slightly_smiling_face:


USB isn’t that bad when they wouldn’t brew their own protocol on top, but simply provide class compliance audio streaming over USB. This way breakout boxes could be easily build by 3rd parties.


Would be even nicer to record the multitrack output without a computer. Would this be possible with any kind of recording hardware theoretically?


I don’t know. A universal protocol would be great, for sure !


make a octatrack adat mod. i’ll back it. come on.


Seems very complicated.
A guy can do a mod for SPDIF out.

Adat, 4000€ ?


computers are constantly updated and operating systems move on that’s why software on a synth in the future is never reliable you’d have to assume the company will live on 4ever & constantly update the software that’s why Analog wins & is always a smart investment purchase the value holds or possibly increases over time


the dream died :unamused:


Status update: Overbridge infinity is not out and people who bought flagship machine(elektron rytm mk1;that has individual outs) are still waiting for digitaks/digitones problems to be solved and dont have proper sample app,(but digitak users do) it’s been 4 years, but 4 years is plenty of time to drop some samples on rytm mk1 using c6 app isn’t it? i could not care less for overbridge since my machine(rytm mk1) has individual outs,(Not to mention that sound quality is trash with overbridge, oops) and I don’t need to stare at computer screen to edit my sounds,( that is why I got hardware?) But sample management for rytm mk1 is totaly outdated and fact that we could already be using it but we are not because people at elektron only care about new gear and are treating flagship machine buyers like dust is just very upsetting

elektron I love your machines but your approach to software is just not there and it’s hurting you badly, if another hardware manufacturer creates machines with good parameter locks your company will go out of business mark my words.


I’m trying my best to stay out of this post lately but this is exactly how I feel about the whole situation.
I saw a post recently about someone’s RYTM failing in someway and they had to factory restore it.
I still have chills thinking about that.


I think the individual outs are a bit overrated. Especially since they send out a dry signal, so without effects. If you want to record them; you will have to use the stereo out outputs anyways. Its not that much work to record the tracks individually now is it?


Depends on your workflow. I want everything in my song to be processed by the same verb and delay. That’s impossible without overbridge, either using the a4mkii as an effects box or getting dry outputs.


No, no more new boxes, I want them to get what they’ve already made working properly. All this speculaiton about what will be next is completely ridiculous.