Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


This question wasn’t expecting any ( serious ) answer but thanks anyway…


meanwhile, on the 32nd:


I respectfully disagree on these points.

-mono yes, but it’s specifically a drum sampler, and other than overheads (and even then, not always) drums are tracked in mono. it can handle larger melodic/harmonic samples but this is mostly an add on feature…geared toward a certain crowd of stoned bedroom composers/youtube stars.
-Sure it doesn’t have Ind. outs, but it will once OB is released. So that’s that.
-all pieces of gear have minor annoyances. key word ‘minor’




Respectfully :

Because it’s mono ? :smile:
Because it’s written on it ?
I think you can use a sampler as you like.


Mine slapped me on the wrist when I tried to load it with a guitar sample…


My dt doesn’t mind the ridiculously long samples I throw into it. I guess there are those that adhere to labels on the box and some that don’t.





But seriously. of course you can disagree on my point, but as @sezare56 correctly states: a sampler is a sampler. There is no thing as a drum sampler.

And what really annoys on mono sampling is loosing the room information of the reverbs.
Sure you can apply the internal (really good obviously) reverb but then you have to use absolutely dry samples.

Having multi outs only in software for me and I think a good portion of producers sets the line in the prosumer segment. Even the OT lacks a good count, but 4 is better than nothing.

Do not get me wrong, the DT is a fine machine, great user interface once understood, top entry to the elektron world. One can do sick stuff with it. But without the possibillity to sample in stereo, it mostly is a better drum computer wirh mono samlping capability.


Yep. I agree.

Just curious if I was missing something.
Apparently I’m not :upside_down_face:


Oh yeah, bad on Elektron for their shady marketing. I agree with that.

I just hope at least some of the people that are upset about it, learn from the experience (do research & don’t trust marketing). Unless you don’t want to :upside_down_face:


Well the lesson I learned is never to buy another Elektron product because they are poor at delivering on their advertising.


i think it’s a professional level drum sampler, but it’s also a lot more than that.


Whatever suits you best.
Du hast Recht und ich meine Ruhe, that’s what my grandmother used to say.


The sampler is only as pro as the user.




Is Volca Sample a pro sampler ? :content:


I think we get it dude…


having gotten rid of your elektron stuff you can probably stop putting so much energy/time into this thread and have a bit more fun making music.


I have to say, OB was a one of the reasons that I bought the DT …Jeez, never thought it would take this long…But on a positive note, the MKii’s came out soon after and I scored a mint OT MK1 for cheap trying to replace the Ableton functionality…Thank god! The OT is such a blast when you push through the initial learning curve…and I like working with it better than Ableton. When I want to use VST’s I just trigger midi tracks in Ableton and re-sample back into the OT…Live. You can do the same thing with the DT, and the DT has USB midi. At this point I’m not really worried about OB. I’ll wait for it, use the DT as is. When it comes out I’ll watch the shitstorm of bugs and complaints and wait until it’s stable…If ever. Good luck kids. Keep you chin up. Look both way before you cross the street.