Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


I think I know what you’re trying to say… you don’t have this issue with other companies… but most products have at least 1 issue, most companies use marketing to make their product look as amazing as possible & not just with music gear, it’s everywhere. & there are complaints all over every forum. But I’ve noticed that the products that offer the most features…get the most complaints on their forum, which I find hilarious. I wonder why?

Again, I’m not saying what Elektron did was right.

I’m not even talking about that. I’m talking about the people on the other side that are so upset. Sell your Elektron gear, learn a lesson & move on.

Or… keep it in the closet, complain on a forum & buy the next piece of gear Elektron sells. Whatever. Do you.


So…separating tracks on hardware isn’t as good as separating tracks in a DAW?

Just curious…I use individual outs, each with it’s own track on an analog mixer, each with it’s own effects. The mixer has eq & pan for each track (as well as a few other effects), plus my guitar pedals & effects processors & hardware compressor (which also has side chain) & Analog Heat.

I’m honestly curious… it’s better to use software? Or just cheaper & easier?


Dt and dn do no have individual outs and are relying on Overbridge for the functionality.

Individual outs would probably ultimately be preferable for most.


They don’t have individual outs AND they don’t have OB.

Dude said he wanted individual outs, another dude said it’s better to separate tracks. Individual outs…equals separate tracks…so I was curious if he’s saying it’s better to have separate tracks in a DAW or just cheaper & faster to have separate tracks in a DAW.

Actually I got that wrong. Tendingtropic said individual outs are over rated. But I prefer individual outs & don’t want OB. Is it over rated…or just too much work & money for some.


Yes, that is well known it’s not available yet.

Being able to track separate tracks at the same time for many musicians is essential for different aspects. Some people may find in overrated or not necessary. Everyone has a different workflow.


Analog summing is the way to go for me. I don’t need or want Overbridge 2.0
I’m lucky i only have the A4 mk2 AR mk2 and the Sidstation.

But the fact is after 4 years i will always be sceptic about Overbridge.

I even have the feeling that Elektron will make at some point soft synths or make Overbridge something like NI Maschine…


A choice would be nice for everyone. OverBridge and USB for separate outs if you want… or individual outs on the unit itself, like AR, A4, etc. I think some are just lamenting the lack of choice, especially since the long delay of even the USB/OB option.

Would have been very nice if the DT had say, at least 2 more assignable individual outs (like even the cheesy but lovable TR-8 has!), if not all 8 individual outs. Just some more options - not to be locked in to using USB/OB. All about a variety of workflows.

As it is, it feels strangely crippled when we have decades of machines with individual outs, not to mention Elektron’s past of supporting the movement towards all hardware setups. I know I would have bought a DT already if it had some more individual outs. I would gladly give Elektron my $. But that’s me and my workflow.

Not every individual producer understands other’s workflows, or cares. But, I do think it’s not too hard to use some imagination or creativity to think of other’s possible setups, workflows, and needs. But a manufacturer, you would think, would understand and anticipate different workflows.

But hey, I’ve given up trying to understand Elektron’s design decisions and sold my MD, A4, and AR. I’ll jump back in if they make something to my liking. I’m sure I’m not the only one. I still admire them for the bulk of their designs and creations. It’s not black and white, hate or love. People can be critical and still love Elektron for their overall history, contribution to electronic music, and future potential. Like agent Mulder, I want to believe!


Agree, so many people on forums asking about basic functions or things that the box was never intended to do and then complaining why they bought it.


Multiple outputs, whether hardware or software enabled via USB is a must for any professional-level sampler.


what if you are running them into an SSL or Neve…nobody laughing



Less wires for me. I fucking HATE wires.


Again, playing live, or fun hands-on studio jams, using pedals, outboard fx, etc. Multiple outs rule baby. :grinning:


lol ok, enjoy!


Well, I am with you on the hatred of wire clutter. But… it’s sometime a necessary evil, no? All it takes is a look at setups thread on here or gearslutz, etc. All these glorious pedals and rack units and old analog boards. That’s some incredible sounding, hands-on, fun boxes that feel mighty lonely if you just plug straight into Ableton, or user’s DAW of choice. Think of the children damn it!


Haha, okay then. I’ll take the multi-out Digitakt Pro in 2020 and you can have your totally wireless Digitakt Pro mkII in 2024. :grinning:


of course what you are staying is correct, to a point. i was informed that the Digitakt was ‘Overbridge Enabled’. I checked the website to read more about this function, sounded great.

What i didn’t know is that the Digitakt needed a firmware upgrade and Overbridge 2.0 hadn’t launched.

My bad, i should have delved deeper into the wording on the Elektron website.

This was my first purchase of Elektron, i had no idea of the past issues with Overbridge 1. If the website (and reviews) had been clearer about the Overbridge 2 status my decision to purchase would have been more informed.

After my purchase I realised OB2 wouldn’t be released until late 2017. I was prepared to wait. Then we had an update informing the release would be Feb2018, this has passed. Now we have nothing.

I do use the machine everyday, I jam on it, do improvised live performance. It’s great fun. What i would like to do is record the live performance using the promised 8 outputs and tidy up the recording, make some adjustments in the DAW and share a finished project with others. That’s my workflow. That’s why OB2 is important to me.


DT is no pro grade sampler.

  • Mono
  • No ind. Outs.
  • Other minor things

Maybe that is it: expectations in a thing without proper info gathering before buying.

I’ m not saying DT is not a great piece of gear. Just not what some who bought it expect it be be.


So, any status update on Overbridge ?



Yes, it will be released on the 32nd.


Just pretend I’m an Elektron official, because they’ll tell you the same thing:

We’re still working hard on Overbridge- it’s our top priority. We understand and are sorry for your frustration. We are doing everything within our abilities to bring Overbridge to you as soon as possible