Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


I just read more of that interview…
he uses 2 phones & irig, to record his guitar & bass & & &.
So he’s using phones as multi track recorders. To record his instruments.


The more in depth article:

Kids these days :wink: (The Internet [band the kid is in] is great.)

I’m not knocking IOS for music making. I personally think it’s amazing. But what the article didn’t specify is whether they mixed it on the iPhone. I doubt that. Still interesting.


It’s clickbait, obviously a Kendrick track wasn’t mixed on a phone. Steve Lacy’s guitar chain is all phone though (garageband), which is pretty cool until you realise there’s nothing very special about his tone, he’s just a very good writer and player. The pics of him sitting in front of a mega console while recording onto his phone are funny.


I can understand his point of view - I feel exactly the same.

Analog Rytm MKII and Overbridge would perfectly fit into my workflow and complement my existing studio set up. Analog Rythm MkII without Overbridge hinders my workflow - so it is being boxed up and sold.

I am lucky to have many hardware synths, each chosen to fit into the way I want to work. Why disrupt that?

Is it possible to use the Analog Rytm without Overbridge? Yes, of course - but without Overbridge it is not the same tool. I could use my Qwerty keyboard to play synth into my DAW - it has that functionality - many people do it… but it would not help my creative process.

Which is one of many reasons why I don’t tour the world making music on my phone.


the wait is too looooooooooong. give us something to play with ! just a button to click ! :smile:


I guess OB will be launched on september.
We already are in june. Summer season/holidays are starting in twenty days soon… so…


no summer holidays for elektron staff this year?


No. Cause they are working hard on OB :wink:






Exactly my rub. When I bought the A4 and RYTM mki I ditched my daw (mostly cause of sync issues) and dived head first into the world of software. And I found something out about myself. I was stuck in loop hell for an entire year and a half. I wasn’t finishing music. Why, because it was an ordeal break cycle. Re-bought a Push 2. Finished a track in a day. Decided that hybrid was the way to go. That way I could jam on the hardware, sketch out ideas, but realize them into a song in the DAW. For that reason DAW integration is a must, so that individual tracks can be recorded, and the sound design process can be simplified (VST interface vs menu driven interface on the device). I realize this is not everyone’s workflow. Some people use the OT as the center for making a track and hate DAW’s. Or the DAW is just for tracking. That’s fine and that works for you, great! Not everyone has that approach and there has been a great deal of disrespect towards those who indeed have a hybrid setup, shunning their feelings as if they are invalid and don’t belong in a forum about a hardware manufacturer.


I have no interest in Overbridge but I hope that they release it soon so that they have time to work on the 2OSC update for the Analog Rytm!


Just sending a message to the Overbridge development team:

I still have faith, like so many other customers must do (as demonstrated through either our patience or silence), that over all these weeks and months you’re continuously ingeniously solving ugly usb/mac/win problems, refining a great GUI and testing and testing again.
Rest assured, your end release will be a great achievement when you get there and we wish you speed and dedication to your uncompromising diligence in achieving quality deserving of the electron logo.
When the day finally comes that beta and then production release is posted to the website - you can be proud.

I hope, when it happens, to see a picture of the names and faces of the coding team who have made it happen. You will not be unsung heroes.

Many of us may gripe that an unrealistic guantlet was laid down - but Elektron’s shooting for difficult goals is what originally made the company great; the messiness of getting this right must not be unrecognized.

  • spoken from the heart of someone, many years ago, involved in managing transformative software development and re-engineering.


Maybe I’m wrong, but I think the “shunning” is due to the fact that if it’s THAT important to you, why did you buy something that doesn’t have it. I get Elektron stated it was coming, but in life I learned that things happen. Even if they flat out promised that it would be done by a specific date…things happen…

Me personally? If it’s important to me? I make sure it has it. I do tons of research. Simple as that.

I’m not saying what Elektron did was right. Just surprised how many people spent THAT much money on gear & either didn’t research &/or trusted a company who’s purpose is profit…then comes here to complain about it.

Correct me if I’m wrong…


I’ve never bought a synth from a charity


“Sorry ladies, but not until I finish overbridge”

-The faithful devs at Elektron


Yea but you forget that they have been selling devices with hardware with this software for years now. Then they release a whole bunch of new stuff, say it’s coming shortly, and thus the debacle begins. Product is purchased on the promise that it’s coming quickly, features are promised that still have yet to be implemented. I bought mkii stuff on the promise that sometime in the near future it will be released. Now I’m sitting here with gear that doesn’t integrate and no eta. That’s a major blunder and people have the right to be upset about it without people being aggressive about invalidating their experience.


I didn’t forget anything, you’re right they’ve been selling hardware with OB for years & the same thing happened in the past… OB was coming but took forever…it’s cool if you didn’t know about it, but…yeah…this has already happened with them.

& you’re right people have the right to be upset & complain on a forum. Just as much as Elektron has the right to sell OB enabled boxes without OB.

Sorry to bother you…let the cycle continue…




Individual outs are a must when you own amazing effect pedals that put onboard effects to shame my friend try that shiet it’s tite