Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


your rytm already works without OB!
You can start right now with programming patterns and when OB arrives you‘re ready to stream you individual outs …


Start working with it. Make beats. Be awesome.

Multitrack it later when OB works.


Optimism, I like it :smiley:


My a4mkii and digitone are currently in their boxes in my closest awaiting a sale…

Having them out is like having a picture of all the people who hurt you in your studio. It’s just too painful.


That’s actually not a bad idea. I might have to try that.


dewey cox has to think about his whole life before he goes on stage


whilst you are tucking your 1500 drum machines in a closet - there are people touring the world who made music on their phones.

You don’t need overbridge to make music.


You’re right, I don’t. I’m using other devices that actually work as advertised and I’m much happier tbh.


I went with Elektron to get away from the computer. I not sure I really want Overbridge. I’ll probably end up on YouTube watching other people play synths I don’t even want.

When I want to record into Ableton i just do tracks individually - works pretty nicely…


Dude, Elektron products really don’t seem to be for you. Good call moving on


While I agree with your sentiment who exactly is touring with music they made on their phone



I make tons of music on my ipad, I don’t doubt that but never been successful using my phone. Maybe when bm3 comes to iphone


Yeah…not only is an ipad NOT a phone… the comment reads exactly “ALMOST entirely created with an ipad” meaning they used an ipad, but also used other things.

Not sure what the point is of stating that people are “touring the world on music made with their phone”. You can make an album using nothing but your voice.

All I care about is that I enjoy the process. 1 night I could be completely happy using nothing but a K.O. po-33. Another night I might do nothing but collect field recordings outside. Another night I’ll play with the field recordings & snippets of sounds from my vinyl collection on an MPC. Last week my brother & I jammed out; he was beatboxing & shaking shakers, while I played with a xylophone & freestyle rapped. We had a blast. No electronics needed.

Some people require OB to enjoy the process…I don’t, but I get it. It’s more enjoyable when you get the results you want without being frustrated thru-out the process.


Exactly. And I would like to think that as adults we can all be like “I don’t need it” “I do need it” “this whole process is what frustrates me more than needing it or not needing it” and not attack or belittle each other for our opinions. Especially those who are frustrated. Wasting time dealing with technical problems is time not spent making music, and as creators, people could be a bit more empathetic to the fact that there are creative people who have manufacturer made roadblocks to their creativity with no end in sight. And Basically all Elektron has said is wait or get out basically, which is a really shitty way to do business imo.


Well put.
What’s right for you may not be what’s right for me, but there isn’t anything wrong with that.
& even though I don’t use OB or want OB (never know tho, could want it in the future) I look at Elektron differently now due to how they marketed OB. I understand why they did it, their purpose is to make money, it’s the purpose of most companies out there. But I think they went about it a little shady. If I buy another product of theirs it will be for what it does, not what they say it will do in the future. In a nut shell I don’t trust them.


I think that’s the core issue here, there was a huge breach of trust. Some are ok with it, some not. Personally, trust is one of the most important things to me so when it’s broken it affects me deeply.




That’s interesting Ryan, it states 1 of the beats was made on garageband on an iphone - “Pride” - Gonna listen tonight.

I don’t doubt that it can be done. I could make a beat on an iphone too, but it would suck because I wouldn’t be havin fun makin it. Well maybe a little fun :o) But honestly I would rather play with a K.O.