Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


I realize there are threads for speculation about new boxes, new features, and wish-lists. I should have kept any comments pertaining to these things relegated to those threads. Apologies. Was just talking about gear, etc. Sure didn’t mean to upset anyone.


I’m not a programming guy (c++, cocoa…) but from my user perspective… who bought a certain amount of gears and controllers over the years there’s plenty of great gear/app abandoned probably because connectivity port upgrade and system security change… (like Sandboxing, SIP…) USB, Firewire, Thunderbolt, USB-C… to name a few…

Things evolve so quickly it’s difficult to be as fast as Apple even with the developer program and beta posted regularly. I can’t count how many gears I really like ending their support from OS to OS… NI Kore 2, Focusrite Liquid Mix, SSL duende, TC electronic Powercore… to name a few and don’t list sound card because the listing will be huge…

Of course it can be only product lifecycle. But I don’t think so…
Dropping literaly 32bits app from 10.14 is something to consider of course they need to push for the things to modernize… But I don’t see serious brand website dropping browser version support on new technologies without writing fallbacks (, vendor prefixes, IE conditional statement…) to support the most version and ecosystem they can… and they right on that. otherwise it’s less customers to spend money for these companies.

So I’m not an expert, but i do know frontend development (practically very good knowledge in full stack i would say) and it doesn’t seem to me like something minor who don’t have an impact on product development strategies.

And its not only Apple, Windows too… Microsoft calm down a bit but few years ago they both guilty at new operating system war every 1/2 years…

Maybe it’s not something who weighs in the balance of the Overbridge development … Maybe … (maybe it’s more how many products overbridge must support now, speed, stability and new enahancements or all the above and after)


Sorry if that came across as aggressive, I was just trying to make the point that they should fix the things they have before releasing more half finished products. Definitely not upset, speculate away :slight_smile:


You aren’t the first to say this and I hear things like this a lot, so don’t please feel like I’m jumping on you specifically, but I don’t understand the tendency among some users to ignore the possibility/legitimacy of workflows different from their own. There are all sorts of different workflows and situations. There is a long history of hardware with individual outs. It’s there for a reason, of course.

For instance, a lot of people use these machines live or jam on all-hardware setups. You could have individual outs for stabs, bass, snare, melody, etc. each requiring different processing, and each could go to a different fx chain using pedals, rack gear, mixer sends, etc. Sounds pretty damn fun to me, especially after staring at a computer screen all day at work.


Yeah, I would take analog outs over OB any day. I don’t use a computer for music, no DAW, no software mastering. I use hardware because I love hardware & want to stay away from the computer.

I have a big mixer with guitar pedals & other effects processors, so I love individual outs. If I want to use effects inside of the machine & the internal effects can’t go thru individual outs I send those thru the master outs or resample with effects (talking about gear in general).

I also don’t care about sample management either. I sample into the machine. Use the sample. Delete it if I don’t want it.

I know I’m old school though… I get why people love software. It’s just not my thing.



Because I’m a little bit unsure about what does / doesn’t have Overbridge, and what is expected to have it… is this a correct summarisation of the various products and the current state?

  • Analog Four MkI Has Overbridge.

  • Analog Four MkII Does not have Overbridge

  • Analog Keys Has Overbridge.

  • Analog Rytm MkI Has Overbridge. No Sample Transfer application.

  • Analog Rytm MkII Does not have Overbridge. Has Sample Transfer application.

  • Analog Heat Has Overbridge.

  • Digitakt Does not have Overbridge. Has Sample Transfer application.

  • Digitone Does not have Overbridge

Edit: Updated, thanks @jefones


AR mkii has sample transfer


Hey Rusty, the Analog Rytm MkI does have a third party sample transfer app, and it’s incredible.

SDS drop by the awesome @void is available thru the app store and is totally worth the asking price.


Oh, I’m well aware of SDS Drop and Strom, love @void’s work.


I think im just going to say hell with it and buy sds for my friends mac and use that.


Being old school and liking software is not a mutually exclusive proposition anymore


True. But if you call yourself old school & Ableton is your instrument of choice? I guess I’m not old school… I’m whatever there was before school was invented.

I think old school has a different meaning for everyone. I was just saying in a polite way that I don’t use software (smiley face)


Also maybe worth pointing out that Octatrack Mk 1 and mk 2 will never have Overbridge


I left the Octatrack and Analog Drive out as they were never intended to / advertised as / something or other / having Overbridge, no?

PS: The post really was for my own curiosity. I don’t own most of those products, and wasn’t sure on the state of play with them all.


Yep, but the question does pop up from time to time. I guess I wanted to make the list complete, but you’re right – no real point in adding OT (or Monomachine, SIDstation or anything else that’s not advertised as having OB).


I come here everyday hoping to see the Overbridge ETA disclosed… :broken_heart:
Would be great to have at least an idea, if it is going to take 3 months or 3 years… :sob:
I am interested on a DN to pair my DT, but would suck to be unable to multitrack it…


hi, i am also complaining about this overbridge stuff… I bought rhythm half year ago, especially for this computer integration feature… i put the rhythm in the box for now…

I don’t have to have all the plugin stuff with whatever interface and feature they invent… I only want a decent driver to record/monitor the tracks separate into my computer…

why aren’t they start delivering a descent driver and in next iterations all the extra’s? i am software developer myself… why do they want to deliver the complete package at once? in my understanding of software development this is a big mistake of the developer team…

I would advice the development team to split their stack up in components… and deliver at least the minimal stuff in a short time. fix and extend over iterations…

anyways goodluck with development… i keep mine boxed till a version is here… and yes this sucks… whats new?!


No overbridge so you put the AR back in the box ?
I understand that it’s frustrating, I have bought a digitakt hoping to record multitrack more than an year ago.
It’s still on my desk, and yeah it sucks but if I have a good idea for my next track inside my DT I will just record it one track per one track.
They could at least deliver little news more often…
Good luck


well I am this close of selling the darn thing! :angry: