Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]


my sincerest apologies to @j0hnglist who were right purely and simply. my BAD man !
:zipper_mouth_face: And also to all people who written things about DT OS as it’s stated the OS is on hold because it will break OB 1.15 they probably don’t have backup things until OB came up. So… My Bad again to stick up with the fact we have and some kind of blind trust for the delivery.


Personally I don’t really care about overbridge. But as others have said a fully working sample, patch and pattern management tool is WELL overdue.


will OVB be available for digitone simultaneously on OVB MK2/DT release?


One thing that Elektron could have done differently would have been to release the different features they announced under the “Overbridge” name separately.

Especially the lack of backup and restore for the Digitakt is indeed somewhat jarring.


Oh come on… It’s almost surreal that there’s another delay. The delay of this means also delay of AR update.

Just set a deadline like every normal company does and deliver or actually give an explanation. We will all live without OB or updates fine but it just boggles my mind, how at any work I have been at deadlines actually mean something! Another product launch coming soon? :slight_smile:


Yes but you can Records your 8 track with your A&Heat right ? as multitrack or another sound card ??
isn’t it ? the old way work also as fine as OB should … it doesn’t postponed EP construction at all ?


It’s been Way too long since RYTM MK1 owners were teased with a sample transfer app. They instead released an MK2 and seemingly abandoned MK1. I still have faith they will get it together but it’s quite frustrating that after 3+ years we still can’t manage oir plus drive.


rampant speculation

then you care about overbridge

why’s that, it’s how it is on DT so what is so surprising?


I wish it was. I want to create the tracks in a live type of manner. So I want to record everything live into my DAW and mix everything afterwards. I cannot do this track by track. Recording everything track by track would mean 10 times the work and not the same result as doing it live.


wait, wait… can’t you just send a sysex dump to C6?


Yes you can, it’s just a pain in the ass, and you won’t get the same results.

Not being able to multitrack out easily puts the DT firmly in the “prosumer” category.

Which is a shame, since it is such a well-designed device in most ways.


Damn :frowning:

i also intend few things regarding Learning content tutorial video and as I would like to register on Hardware + on OB at the same time it postponed this planned things to me too… anyway :confused:

But I have things to finish and another project to start so It will put me in march/June without too much efforts before to start those content. I would like to start everything at the same time I will change my agenda order too…


Ehrm that is exactly what I said. :slight_smile:Of course it is possible, but it won’t give me the result I want.


Software development is extremely hard to estimate reliably.

Oh for sure, as are any number of projects without a fixed deadline: this is hardly unprecedented or suspicious. At the same time, a full year of delays is substantial, and I think providing a bit more detail about why previous estimates haven’t worked out would help people feel less confused or frustrated.

Elektron should not have announced, and should never again announce software features and release dates until they’re good and ready, or at least not until they’re far into a beta testing stage.

Yep, I hope this happens in future. It’s a tricky one, though: if they’d done this with the Digitone the first thing everyone would have asked was “So is it going to work with Overbridge?” I guess at least part of what’s frustrating with this situation is that most people will have assumed Elektron were at that stage before they announced anything. And while learning for the future is positive, it doesn’t really deal with things as they are now, where people have been over-promised.

That book looks really interesting: thanks. Maybe there’s lots of other counter-intuitive stuff going on which people outside Elektron don’t see! Again though, I think the user community here would be sympathetic to those issues, whatever they might be, and that being clearer about them would be helpful.


Ought to make the “Mythical Man Month Post” a sticky in dev threads.


I’m not or surprised as it was very quiet on the overbridge side at namm , I do think it’s better to keep the community informed though.

Whatever happens elektron will get hate / support but overall more comms from elektron is good.
I don’t Ben happy for incremental stable updates rather than a huge uber app .


Almost a whole year passed after the DT’s release and they still have “Seamless integration with Overbridge” on their website. It’s infuriating. Just remove it already!!!


I’m think you you can be pretty sure that Elektron are beta testing their products. But having open betas often result in a lot of people thinking that it’s a way to get the software earlier, then receive buggy software and ultimately become disgruntled customers and bad beta testers.


This ‘unnouncement’ is extremely disappointing. Most worryingly to me, it comes as no surprise whatsoever, given the previous track record of missed promises.

Seriously, how long do you expect those of us who chose the product in anticipation of this advertised feature to wait? I can’t help but feel rather fed up with this charade.

While you may feel it’s wise not to set a new deadline, I now can’t help but wonder if you are struggling to get the functionality working at all.

In the meantime, any chance of two way sample transfer / box backup being made available? Or how about USB streaming of the master bus?


I bought a beat up old MPC 1000 for $115, even in its current bad state (bust CF reader, dodgy pads and no HDD) and with 2005 HW specs, it totally out-performs the DT in terms of inputs (Stereo Sampling), Audio outputs (x6), midi tracks (x64), MIDI IN/OUTs (x2 each) and it has patch management software and bespoke OS (JJOS) which can do non-disruptive beat slicing.

I’m not waiting for non-existent software tools to make it work as a professional piece of audio hardware.

plus…its built like a TANK!!!