Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]

I used to have an AK4 which I primarily used with OB — and I recently returned to the Elektron fold by picking up a Digitakt. I’m totally bemused to find it still doesn’t have OB. I’m surprised Elektron haven’t got in trouble over false advertising. :rage:

Are you also working on a new box simultaneously?

Thank you for the update Simon. It’s greatly appreciated!

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As of February 9 2018 that text was “Overbridge for Digitakt will be free of charge, and become available in February 2018. Read more on Elektronauts.” In June 2016 it read “Overbridge for Digitakt will become available later this year.” Use the Wayback Machine to get screen caps.

It’s worth noting that the “not yet released” disclaimer has always been positioned at or near the top of the Overbridge section, in line with the main text flow. So it’s not “in the fine print” or anything.

If you feel that you’ve been personally deceived my advice is to simply tell your story from your point of view. It’s probably more useful to the agency you’re dealing with than trying to “build a case” against Elektron and enlisting others to “bear witness” and such. Playing DIY lawyer is generally a waste of time. If the professionals at a consumer protection agency believe you have a legitimate issue they’ll ask you for the details that are actually relevant.


DIdt get any emails about is updates.

Under promise and over deliver…simple rule of business i know…but that said…

i admire the ambitions of Elektron. And im greatful for any synth company making cool toys that bring joy to users and joy to music lovers…

Elektron are not alone. My Waldorf Blofeld packaging states “vocoder” as an atribute…never happend…! Still a great synth.

Im still beta testing a working version of a vst controller for my sub phatty nearly 10 years after i bought it…still a work of ART…

Access Virus Snow can only manage to stream 1 stereo channel instead of the promised 3 Audio stems into my DAW or its sync is severely drunk…still use it everyday and would never sell it…

My point is work with what does work! And stop bitching. No one moaning here realises how lucky they are to be alive at this time with so many brilliant tools at thier disposal. Synths are like children (i have 4 children and about 20 synths) they all have strengths and areas they could improve. But i like to focus on the strengths of my children and synths and not drag down by focusing on lack…or where they need to improve.

Digitakt is an awesome tool…im finding new ways to use it all the time…if and when overbridge hits it will be a bonus maybe. But until then shake it off and make some tunes instaed of moaning.

Get off the legal action train of thought. What if all Blofeld buyers rallied together and sued Waldorf for faulse advertising after they just came back from dead? What if Elektron shut up shop tommorrow and stopped making cool toys? Would that make you all happy ir sad?


There has to be a middle ground though. There is a resounding sentiment that elektron has broken our trust. That’s something they need to win back.


Hey ! Keep the faith… even Duke Nukem forever finally came out. Ok, it was a shitty game and none was waiting for it anymore but… uh… oh… you get the point. :zipper_mouth_face:

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I see what you did there :stuck_out_tongue:

But at least we’re getting all those sound packs! So not everything is that bad.

good news guys. Overbridge is finally finished. The problem is they are using C6 to upload it to the Elektron site so it’s going to take about 7 months before its up


Oh You ! :joy:


Ok, my post was shitty, but I get part credit for creating that tagline. I need this in my life.

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I’m sure the guys at :3lektron: are doing their best to deliver OB.

The issue here is the marketing blunder. They probably have thousands of units in stores with boxes that have the “seamless integration with Overbridge” text on them. Removing OB from the website would send a bad message and would also introduce more inconsistency… It’s either total commitment or total recall. I guess they are going with the former.

And this all kind of tells me that they must be close to a release, as this situation can’t be maintained indefinitely. Fingers crossed! :hamburger:

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Soooo funny… how serious people are taking this…

Middle ground? That is the language of justice… “Broken trust” is the language of victim. “Winning back” is the language of competitors…what im suggesting is the language of artists… “create” “collaberate” make something from nothing…! Have some fun…paint your knees blue and make a song you will all feel better.

Its not a competition for who is the biggest victim…?

first world problem really…there are people not eating today if you are looking for a middle ground…use that as your reference point and see where your compass points…

instead of investing your energy in letting us all know how hard done by you are.
Write a track about it…post that…i will hear you through the language of the birds…it may create some real change…even if you need to record claping sticks to tape because your digitakt is full and you cant back it up…anything that contributes something would be better than vomiting smallness on a forum…i get u r angry and feel like u r owed more than u received …but use it…to contribute…

learn code. Become a developer and write overbridge from scratch… anything other than the language of defeat…

Please? Anyone? Haha


Everyone who predicted that Overbridge would cause disruption for Elektron, the hardware and the customers, were saying so out of nothing other than concern, it is now apparent that these concerns were not only justified, but also that the amount of disruption was under estimated.

What I find puzzling is why Elektron didn’t anticipate the problems, why they felt there was a need for Overbridge in the first place, why as a predominately hardware company they decided to develop the software in house, and crucially how they intend to keep Overbridge (once it finally arrives) compatible with multiple desktop operating systems and multiple DAW platforms - it seems to be a big ask, and one which I’m not convinced is easily resolved, which is concern again.

I also think that as a company Elektron should send communications to retailers informing them that Overbridge is not ready and that retailers do not advertise the false illusion that it is available now, Elektron also should remove any potentially misleading content from their homepage and packaging.

I hope that Elektron will be able to resolve these problems.


I can understand though. I don’t really care much for Overbridge as for me it really is a bonus. But I purchased Live last year and had a bunch of issues with MIDI CC in Windows that were aknowledged by Ableton support and made it basically unusable for me. I really felt ripped off of a thousand bucks (Suite + Push). I sold the whole thing as a result.

In the end it all comes down to people’s expectations. I was expecting nothing as I bought the Digitakt out of sheer curiosity while strolling in a music store. But people that were expecting a specific workflow THAT HAD BEEN ADVERTISED must feel pretty ripped off.

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Retailers totally know, dudes working in gear shops are the biggest gear junkies of all. Absolutely no doubt that they know this, making money now isn’t about honesty and that’s all anyone cares about. Elektron down to the shop selling it. If it’s grey area nobody is going to lean towards the side where the customer doesn’t pay and it will remain that way until forced to change. imo 1 person actually taking legal action is worth a million pissed off customers but nobody is going to try to be that 1 person so it’s not going to change

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Could offer a free soundpack or something for the wait.

Everything you said, the language of an apologist so doesn’t believe in corporate accountability.