Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]


But all they really want.

Is some gosh darn overbridge, for these motherhecking devices!


This thread got already derailed by Elektron with their very first post. All we’ve got as status update was a lousy “not ready” and “no further ETA” and it stayed this way until now.

Having some fun is all we can do.

(or do you want to read more whinings and endless repeated threats about selling all Elektron gear???)


Got more replays in one hour then random 12 year old kid back in the AOL days…


Shape-shifting, Shifting the shapes of things to come
Plays and instant replays are plays to come
Came and went, time well spent
Brother can you Paradigm?

Like the ‘o’ in a tectonic plate, The shift that caused the earth to quake
You’re standing in the epicentre, Let the shaking begin
The shaking starts here
And brother can you paradigm?

Instant replays are plays to come, came/went-time well spent
Brother can you paradigm?

She wears pretty like the word cute was tattooed on her smile
She’s cute! She wears gorgeous like she had it tailor-made
Fine like it’s going out of style, She be sportin’ the hell out of beautiful…

And can you paradigm?, The shape of things that come /Ooh

I take the square root and I get boxed in every time
Brother can you paradigm?
Par-par-paradigm, Par-par-paradigm

And virtual IS real…


Back to jungle juice ? :slight_smile:



Overbridge 2.0 Public Beta
Overbridge Beta sign-up is now closed

It’s Wednesday lol


Just imagining you composing that comment and return gleefully, whistling to your ayahuasca cauldron puts a smile on my face. Overbridge!




I am confused lol. What’s on Tuesday 15th?


That’s when Tuesday is…

  • Totally clear one time explanation: Whenever people are dying to know when a piece of software will be released or updated the answer is always Tuesday…


In the Greek world, Tuesday (the day of the week of the Fall of Constantinople) is considered an unlucky day.


Who’s Tue and Wed anyway?
Why is it their day?


I live in America, everyday is an unlucky day right now… except Tuesday


Did you notice? The Seamless computer integration with Overbridge tags disappeared off the Elektron product pages. (Except for the Analog Keys that is.)

Anyone care to start a rumor here?


Tuesday is when there are 2(‘sday) separates and Wednesday is when they become one. Though as humans in time we can only experience duality which is why Tuesday is the peak of our perception always on the edge looking across the center that is Wednesday.


Good to see more Nauts all juiced on life… :rofl:

We’re waiting for Obsday I guess…


Odin does not approve of all this Tuesday speak


It’s always Tuesday in Valhalla, Odin just doesn’t know it yet.


Seems vaporwares can be efficient finally !
Look at @CarlMikaelBjork abusing Overbridge : :wink: