Start LIVE RECORDING from other synt

Hi, havent found answer to this. Setup, AK is slave to DT (or other). I want to record (playing) notes into the AK seq (which is now running in sync with DT).
Workaround is to start AK seq [RECORD] + [PLAY] manually but thats not in total sync with DT (could of course be edited)

But is there a way to start AK seq record (live) externally?

Did you try holding Rec, pressing Play on DT?

didnt work …

maybe its not possible?

it’s not possible

Try starting live rec on the ak, stop on the dt and then play on the dt. It still should be in live rec.

Works for me OT n AR.


It works, u made my day! (it even work with “double stop” to reset from beginning of seq)

big thx!

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I actually just figured this out recently. I finger drum a lot of my patterns in so I want to kiss whomever at Elektron for making this happen.

its big thing for me, got 3 elektron boxes + the AK. The AK is perfect for doodling and playing around with. Its a huge difference with keys for me, even if I cant play. Dreaming of Digitone Keys now …