Standalone Mixer / Audio Interface as small as possible


Honestly I don‘t know… It‘s my first one. I needed one that can record without laptop too.


downside of R16 is only 44.1k supported.
so, R24 seems better if 44.1k is insufficient.


In interface mode, it supports up to 24bit/96kHz.

If you want to use fx, or record to sd card, it only supports up to 44kHz.

Honestly, if 44kHz would be that problem, every single octatrack would be meh.

Quote out of the manual:

Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0) audio interface
You can use the R16 as a Hi-speed USB (USB
2.0) audio interface that has abundant input
and output jacks. The R16 can handle 8 inputs
and 2 outputs at a maximum of 24-bit and 96
kHz, and its effects can even be used at 44.1
kHz sampling rate. The unit can also operate
using only USB bus power.


MOTU all the way.
UltraLite Mk3 Hybrid here (USB+Firewire).
Can work as standalone devices.
8 IN 10 OUT.
Compresor, EQ and Reverb.
CueMix allows for routings and hardware setups can be recalled.
Have been using it so far with Traktor and Maschine.
Now with Volcas and DT.
Super reliable under Mac.
Far cheaper than other brands and top quality.
Can vouch for it.


Still didn’t pull the trigger on anything. Once you start digging in and reading specs and start GASing real hard it doesn’t take you long to browse the 5k EUR and up - sections :sweat_smile:

But one thing that I found out is, that there are two different types of these products:

There are Mixers with audio interfaces as secondary function and there are audio interfaces with mixers as secondary function. Recalling what the requirements are (space limitations aside) I definitely need the first category.

Motu still in the race, RME delivers way over the top, k-mix still somehow quirky to me, zoom needs more investigation.

Will keep you in the loop as to where my wine-supported rooftop-located (yay, summer has come to town!) online-reviews will lead me :wine_glass::sunglasses:



Mixer (CueMix) in MOTU UltraLite Mk3 is extremely flexible. You can remotely control it through an iPad app.
The mixer that comes with UltraLite Mk4 is even better in terms of routings.
I had not used much of CueMix up until 6 months ago when I started working away from my laptop. It has proven to be extremely handy.
Hope this helps,


Guys, thanks for all the recommendations, just a quick wrap-up here…

I guess I’ll just abandon multitrack recording. That’s the conclusion I had after reviewing all the gear mentioned here and then also putting my view of “live” into perspective.

Thing is: I’m preparing for a little (private) live set right now and a mixer is just one more thing to take with you. Multitracking and separate editing won’t be happening anyway when playing live. I’ll get a 2 in interface to record the final output, should give a much clearer view on what to expect on a PA system.

Guess I’ll just get an OT in the near future to consolidate my DT, the Erica Synth Techno System and the Lyra-8 and learn it’s (the OT’s) other features along the way.

But thanks to all of you who contributed!



Good luck, manolo.

As for me, I’ve got my sights on a Roland Go Mixer Pro, as part of my little campaign to put up videos on Youtube. It allows simultaneous video and multi-track audio recording. At its price point, there are unavoidable compromises, but I’m willing to live with those.


Go:Mixer is actually really handy. It is great for recording into a phone for YouTube / Instagram / Whatever. Great bang for the buck.


+1 for the techno system, sold some bones&blood for it, but kept the AH QuPac, dream team…