Standalone Mixer / Audio Interface as small as possible


Hi gang,

So here’s the thing, maybe some of you guys can help me out. Tried to search for a similar topic, no luck so far, sorry if I missed something…


I’m looking for a standalone mixer / audio interface as small as possible…

Long story long:

I had a journey over the past years from hardware only via hybrid to co-existing ITB/OTB-setups.

Meaning: I have a high performance laptop running all the things to create and save tracks from start to finish.

Also, I have a desk full of hardware (don’t start asking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) for jamming / live preparation duties.

Not only are these two desks not connected (neither musical nor physical), they are on a different floor :sweat_smile:

Of course i used a mixer (A&H DB4), but from time to time I did like to multitrack record my jams into ableton. So I brought my laptop from downstairs, connected it to the DB4, put the Laptop under the studio desk, recorded, disconnected, went back to the laptop desk and started processing.

So, after acquiring some (and by “some” I mean “a lot”) new hardware I decided to get rid of my DB4 because it’s very big and I liked (and apparently hugely misunderstood) the Tascam 20x20 Interface. Smaller than the DB4, my effect pedals were nicely sitting on top of it, some gain knobs to adjust for clipping and two headphone outs for jamming.

Problem: “standalone mixer” in Tascam universe means: you still have to connect it to the laptop to use the “standalone mixer” function. Deal breaker for me, as, you know, the laptop just isn’t there :unamused:

So, anybody of you in a similar situation?

  • I need a standalone (ie no computer needed at all) Mixer with minimum 8 Line Ins
  • no internal FX needed as most of my gear has FX or is an FX
  • no space for a 16 faders / 12 channel strip / 24 fancy bla - box
  • needs to be an interface as well (USB 3 or Thunderbolt would be nice, but not a deal breaker I guess as I’m just recording different tracks)

Any of you guys with similar setups? How did you manage to do this?

Any advice / help appreciated,



Look at Keith McMillen K-Mix ?


Hm, always looked like a toy to me so don’t know much about it :wink:

But thanks for the tip, will dive into it!


K mix is good, fully configurable 8 ins 8 outs but sold mine as I didn’t like mixing on the rubbery faders. There are plenty of small mixers with usb incorporated, I have an old pv8 which although fairly basic 16bit, 44khz it actually sounds half decent & has 2 aux sends.


+1 for K-mix. 8 ins, and 8 outs, plus an extra stereo out (you can route any channel to the headphone out.


How about a MOTU UltraLite Mk3?
Can serve as audio interface with laptop or standalone, MIDI IN OUT THRU, 8 INs, 8 OUTs, Reverb, compresor.
You can save up to 16 hardware setups (mixes in MOTU language).


RME Fireface UC

(The best and…) Top soundquality and works really Well standalone.


what about this

Roland UA-1610 Studio Capture


Cool, thanks guys!

Will have a look at those when I’m back from the office.

Motu looks perfect at a first glance…

Have a good Monday,


sound devices mix pre series


Roland MX-1
Motu Ultralight
Behringer X-air and other digital mixer boxes

I moved away from USB/Laptop and just use cheap small analog mixers and an Ipad and rec the master out, some of them have usb too, rarely on channels though.


I use a Motu ultralite mk3 hybrid for exactly the same purpose. If 8 inputs is not enough, you can daisy chain a second one = 16 inputs for a very small form factor.


Not “small” but no faders and a elektronuats favorite A&H Qu pac.


I’m glad all these threads for mixer/interface are popping up. I’m now in the market for an upgrade and have been considering the k-mix or the MOTU ultralite mk4. Lots of people here recommend the MOTU, but I haven’t seen a lot of specifics. Sounds like it is one of those devices that “just works”. Is there anything else out there in the market that compares to it? Cheers


Guys, thanks for your replies!

Guess I’m pulling the trigger on the Motu, the others seem to be a bit quirky or over the top for my needs.

Will give an update here once it arrives and I had some evenings with it…

Cheers and thanks again!


Don’t know if you’ve purchased yet, but just wanted to agree with a previous poster that RME stuff is rock solid, sounds fantastic, and could meet your requirements.


I have a Zoom r16 and i love it!
It has fx, but i don’t need it. You can record to sd card, and use batteries, or plug it into your computer for multitrack into it and as interface. you can configure your 8 ins as you like, you can record the ambient (it has built in mics). I love it :wink:


Hi! I can really recommend you the Behringer X Air XR 18! Had the same problem like you and it perfectly solved it for me. It has got 18 inputs, runs standalone, is smaller than a shoebox and you can multitrack all hilarious 18 channels at once via USB to your DAW in a breeze.
For all that, it only costs 409€ which is incredible in my opinion. The preamps are quite good, and it has huge routing power under the hood that is accessible via the software editor. Once set up, it keeps all the settings for standalone mode.
But my favourite feature is that you can easily control it via Midi CC…i hooked it up to my old Novation SL MK2 Zero Controller and BANG - there you go with your new 18 channel mixer!

You can see it here on the right side next to the screen


If you can afford it, I think nothing will beat the RME of course…


Interesting. Thanks for sharing another option. Is this one that people bashed for a while, or am I thinking of something else? Seems like it could be a viable solution for me.