Stand for Digitone Keys

Hi, can someone recommend a stand that fits and works well with the Digitone Keys? I have been looking for one and cannot seem to find it. Thanks!

I use 2 generic laptop stands that I bought off of Amazon. Similar to these…


Not OP, but thank you!

Awesome, thanks!

I ended up modifying my old stand by cutting the rubber buffers and wrapping them in a shallower location for the DN Keys. It’s so much better to play this synth standing and not at a desk!

I had something similar but put a wooden 100x40cm shelve on top of the stand so I could put even more stuff on it :smiley:


This is the answer. I did the same thing. Repurposed wooden shelf on a standard keyboard stand. Fit my digi keys, analog four mk2 and audio interface with iPad. Works perfectly

I guess there are no vesa holes at the back of digitone keys? I love that about the digitone

I tried something similar to this but didn’t like how the shelf was untethered to the stand.

No, they repurposed them to hold the keyboard screws… It was a letdown for me too… The vesa holes are really nice to have.

Sorry to necrotize this thread, but are there any good options for this?

Hi, yes, see my post above with the photo – this works really well for me. It’s a basic Gator FrameWorks stand,

(Note how I modified it – not a lot of work at all.)