Stand-alone nanoloop hardware!



Feel stupid for missing the original kickstarter - if anyone gets buyers remorse let me know :slight_smile:


the interface looks cryptic (i have used nanoloop except playing on the ios app).
i’ve heard nice results from it though… i hope it does well for them.


People say that about the gameboy versions. I admit it’s a lot more minimal than those, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of getting used to it.


oh yeah? i love that app but it used to crash very often before and i had given up on seeing an update! glad it’s back in full force! i love using it for sample mangling!


I’m realllly looking forward to receiving mine! glad to see it’s going to be combining the good parts of nl 2.xx & the mono since i’ve wanted to mono for a while now but its always sold out.

i have no idea when the shipping/release date is, i think i remember something about august this year? but i have a feeling that’s just too optimistic… although id love to be pleasantly surprised!

just wish we could get more info on it… seems quite quiet


Says suggested shipping is August 2019. However, anybody that funded the Kickstarter campaign needs to select the custom colors for the units being shipped. Leads me to believe it will be pushed out further because I haven’t heard anything as far as updates. I hope it’s soon though.

Anybody know if this units sequencer / sound will be able to emulate any type of acid music (tb303) ?


yeah, I haven’t heard anything either since superbooth… i think estimated times on kickstarter campaigns are always postponed so let’s hope it wont be TOO postponed!

as for the tb303 i think the closest youd get would be what the nanoloop mono can offer (you can google it) but a big part of the tb303 sound is the filter and resonance which wont exist in the same way on this device (as far as i can tell)




It looks so good now. Gonna be worth the wait, for sure.


What a great update, I emailed Oliver after superbooth asking him about durability over the long run and I’m so pumped that he is thinking along the same lines. New design looks fantastic. If anyone has any doubts that this will be a great product, put those doubts to bed! I’m also pleased that people in the kickstarter comments are urging him to take the time he needs, shows that he has built a lot of good will and trust with his customers over the years. Now I will try to forget that this exists for the time being, and just enjoy the copies of nanoloop that I already own.


I’ll just be here waiting patiently while creating chiptune patches on my Digitone in the meantime. As far as I’m concerned, Oliver can take all the time he needs in order to put out the best possible product!