Stand-alone nanoloop hardware!


all good, I might be asking a friend to pledge for me and just give him cash :wink:


just wanted to adress this one in a separate post:

It’s 2019, you’re getting tracked one way or another unless you live in a tent

online, yes - offline, no.
it´s really not that hard…


There really is no offline anymore imo. The world is always online now.


this is getting philosophical now haha ^^

well that really depends on how much you let yourself be immersed in that “online” part.

and when I´m walking down the street, there is no part of me that is online. maybe the phone in my pocket, IF I am taking it with me and IF it is switched on - which I rarely do.

it´s really a matter of personal choice and lifestyle.


I’m really hoping for some stretch goals on the Nanoloop hardware. It’s already exceeded it’s goal by quite a bit, sitting at $50,000+ now. Here’s to hoping, it already looks great!


Yeah I wonder if we can convince him to add individual outputs per channel…


User wavetables and full Midi control would be nice too. :sunglasses:


I’m wondering what color scheme I’ll do when the time comes. Black PCB with red buttons / LEDs or White PCB with light blue buttons / LEDs. Also thinking about rocking some pixel art stickers on this bad boy.


Kickstarter is built to require a payment method that allows them to reserve the amount you pledge, but to only complete the payment when the campaign ends (and the funding goal is reached).

That’s why they require a credit card, or a credit card-like payment method (such as a debit card using a cc-based payment processing system).

The banking and online payment systems in a lot of EU countries aren’t based on credit cards, but on direct account-to-account transfer where this “authorize-but-delay-conpletion” process isn’t possible.

If you live in the US or UK, it might be hard to imagine, but if you live in Germany, or The Netherlands there is no reason to use a credit card, and the vast majority of people living in those countries have never even owned one.