Stability of OB 1.15 on OS Sierra

Kinda just thinking aloud here as I know my options, but I’m just tossing this out to heavy OB users ahead of a making a few software updates. I’m one of the (few?) VERY happy OB users and have been using it a ton with my Akeys and AR for the music I’m working on. Total Recall, automation, sync, sound design…more or less the full range of options has been pretty key to my workflow lately and I’ve experienced precisely ZERO issues. I’m on a Mac Mini with SSD and 16 GB RAM, running 10.10.5 and the previous analog os’es and OB version.

But…I want and am ready to purchase the Heat!!! And I know that I’ll need to update OSes, OB, and…maybe now is the time to get on Sierra as well.

But I’m paralyzed with the fear that the functionality I’ve come to rely on will somehow be compromised. I will say I’ve been pleased with reports coming in so far as far as Sierra goes. I guess my question is this: for those who use OB extensively, have you discovered any crippling issues in the new version? Has anyone had any issues and successfully downgraded back to the previous OS/OB version?

I know I’ll take the plunge. I don’t know why I’m even posting this :slight_smile:

Make a BACKUP of your system, buy the HEAT… and Try every possible scenario and keep the BEST. At least if the Worst is : using the HEAT in an old school way like only external analog effect will not be a problem at all we do that now for decade so…

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Thank you, William. Well, I went for it. And everything seems to working perfectly well from what I can tell. Time to order the HEAT :heat:

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