ST and TR-6S sync

Having a bit of trouble with these 2, is it actually possible to get them to switch patterns at the same time?

I’m pretty sure I’ve got the settings right, but the 6S is switching early as soon as it gets the PC message. I can’t seem to find a way to cue the next pattern instead of instantly changing it.

Maybe a problem on ST? I’m likely doing something wrong as I don’t see anyone else complaining about this, and I’ve seen some posts stating they have Elektrons and Tr-8S syncing perfectly.

Weird as I can select the next pattern directly on tr-6S and it does cue. Any insight appreciated! :slight_smile:

How are you sending the PC message from the ST?

I can get them changing in sync, but, for me, the TR-8S will then glitch out when it changes pattern.

Do you just change patterns manually to get round this?

The program change from ST is just via the default pattern switching. It does work but because the ST sends a little bit early, the TR-6s is switching a couple of steps early. it’s strange because changing manually does actually ‘cue’ the next pattern to play in sequence, the next pattern even flashes to indicate it’s cued.

Sounds like you’re doing it correctly. To be honest I gave up on this setup as the TR-8S has too many issues when receiving PCMs. I’m sure it’s not the Syntakt at fault as the TR-8S behaves like this with other machines. Also I can get the Syntakt to change patterns on the new T-8 perfectly.

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Yeah, I’m thinking the tr6s will be a better partner being sequenced by OT. Not really suitable for ST as who wants to give up 6 tracks just for that.

Thanks for the info! :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s exactly my thoughts. If you’re gonna use it alongside other gear then it’s better to sequence it externally to avoid the pattern change issues. I guess you could sequence 4 drum parts from one Syntakt MIDI track as it’s 4-note polyphonic.