ST Amen Challenge

I tried remaking the Amen Break on the ST.

Here is my first attempt (EDIT: re-uploaded):
AMENPROJECT.stprj (5.1 KB)

I’d love to hear your versions!

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Your project was saved with an old version of Transfer. The file extension should be “.stprj”
Plus you can just drop it here, no need for Google Drive :slight_smile:

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Thanks, updating and re-uploading in a sec!

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tf even is that, a project file? :joy:

just upload an audio file as attachment in the post, I wanna hear this.


You can drop that file in your ST with Transfer.

Will upload audio later, need to run a few household errands now… :sweat_smile:

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lol :joy:

lookin forward to hearing it at some point. the one thing I feel syntakt is missing is Amens :grin:

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Some of us don’t have STs, but are still interested to hear what it can do! :grin::v:


Actually disgusted that they’d bring a product to market without amens in it.


And 909 cymbals.



Man, Syntakt doesn’t even have export to Youtube.

138 bpm, trying to emulate the original break. Pure Syntakt, no post processing.

I left out the little kick drum syncopations for now (something I usually cut out of the original anyway), feel free to add those if you miss them.

This version is still tame and clean, might come back to it later and try to make it dirtier.

I haven’t tried resampling this and pitching it up yet.