SRC - Sample Transfer for iOS


I like the icon, not only is a nice little DT, it also looks like a single toothed acid smiler laughing his head off!


omglol, that’s acccidental but probably should totally go there & somehow add an eye or two :smiley: :blush:

edit;: acidental…? :thinking::sweat_smile:


A couple of white bits kind of like Mickey Mouse ears but smaller would give the effect!

Can’t wait for the app though, will be a game changer…


What kinda samples we talkin about here?
Does this work like L.S.D. Drop for Rytm? :thinking:


out now! :metal:

right now you can only connect with a USB wire - the wireless connection requires a small macOS app which I will release later today :pray:


Congrats void!


Like I’m on a plane now but this is the first thing I’m doing when home.

Forget a kiss for the wife!


Hammering app store right now. This will be fun.


Congrats @void


ok so… if you want to transfer a bunch of samples at a time, ie a folder structure… I think right now there are two ways to do it:

  • drag a folder from the Files app to SRC - easy, but only available on iPad since iPhone does not allow drag&drop between apps.

  • zip it up, then open the zip file with SRC. It seems this is the only way to do it on iPhone right now, which is an unnecessary extra step imo.

SRC can open zips, folders, and one or more files of any type - strangely, the sharing options in iOS are all kind of focused on exactly one file.

I’m pretty sure a few months ago it was possible to share a folder directly from the Kymatica AudioShare app, but seems he disabled the feature… gonna inquire, would like to have that back :slight_smile:

anyway please let me know how this app fits your workflow so I can make adjustments where necessary :+1:




Acquired- and the spending stops NOW!


Hey Void.
First off. thanks for sticking with this!
I’m guessing that it was a ton of work.
I’m wondering if you could lay out the workflow step by step for some of us.
If I find a sound that I like in an iOS app, how do I get it into the app for transfer? You mentioned that you can’t do it from AudioShare. Are you only referring to transferring full folder structures?
I, like many users, are on iOS 10 as 11 will slow our devices to a crawl.


Once your sample is in AudioShare you can just export to SRC using ‘open in’.
Works fine but have not tried folders yet.
I have iOS 10 on iPad and iOS 11 on phone, no problems…


Got it and bought it!
No camera kit here so waiting for the SRC-Demon app.

If you are open to suggestions, here’s one.
It would be very cool to have a dead basic voice note recorder on the app. Record, send, done.


One purchase works for an iPad and iPhone?


sure, it’s a universal app :slight_smile:


Done :heart:


Hi @void, (or anyone), is this for Windows PC too?..or Mac only?



this is for iPhone / iPad :iphone: