Squirting Digitakt audio patterns, into MIDI, to record into Cubase/DAW


Well, hello…
I’ve just got my hands on a Digitakt and, after spending some time learning how to drive it a little, I thought I’d hook it up to my DAW (Cubase Pro 10 on Windows 10). Audio goes via my audio interface (Behringher XR18).
After mucking around with OB 2.0, and successfully streaming multi-track audio, I was feeling pretty dang good about life. I don’t mind telling you.
However, what I’m now struggling with, is whether it’s possible to convert those delicious audio sequences from tracks 1-8, into delicious MIDI sequences on tracks 9-16? And ultimately to record the MIDI sequence into Cubase. I’ve tried unsuccessfully via OB 2.0, and without.
I’ve tried various things like copying and pasting patterns, and tracks, from pads 1-8 to 9-16. Port configs, MIDI channels etc. But the closest I got was recording a MIDI pattern where every trigger just played the same sound (possibly was the active track 1-9?).
I can program the MIDI patterns in Cubase to trigger the Digger of course, but that’s not so much fun.
Clearly I’m still very new to this machine but trial and error, forum and operating manual research has not helped so far, so I thought I’d ask you guys.


What you are attempting to do is not possible.

The most you can get is note data by copying audio track to midi tracks


Thanks. I’d feared that might be the case.
I shall adapt accordingly.
Necessity is the mother of invention, and all that.