Squarp Pyramid, Elektrons and a bunch of other gear: The Mobeus, a twist in the

Hey there!

Just finished my latest track the Mobeus. A lot of gear, but the Elektrons still nicely in the center of things. Enjoy! :wink:

Track can be downloaded here:


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I don’t understand what the perks are of the Squarp are over the Elektron sequencers?

What can it do that extends past the capabilities of the Elektrons?

Sequence all the other gear :wink:

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OOOOOH! For some reason I thought you were using it on your Elektrons. Got it, thanks!

have you heard the orbital track that uses that sample , i think its on the yellow album…
your track is quite different …

The Pyramid has a number of features that Elektron sequencers lack, like unlimited polyphony, polymetric/polyrhytmic sequencing (albeit not necessarily a problem with the Octatrack onwards), nearly unlimited track lengths (384 bars), independent time signatures per track, Euclidean sequencing…great for sequencing other gear, but also great for sequencing your Elektrons to compensate for features they lack, and it’s a lot of fun to use both sequencers together (as just one example, programming automation on the Monomachine’s autochannel on the Pyramid, then triggering the Pyramid automation track at will while selecting different tracks on the Mono…kind of works like the MD’s CNTRL-AL feature).


Yes I have … in the 90s I was a big fan of 'em. Really enjoyed mingling this sample in :relieved:

Nice!! Never thought of it that way … will try this out some time. Thanks!

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Here’s a clip of what I was talking about with the MNM/Pyramid that I did a couple weeks ago: https://www.instagram.com/p/BQcDVxqgp-i/?taken-by=recycledcities

(Sorry for the shit audio…jamming in the living room, recorded on the phone, just had to document the idea)

Towards the end you can see that I unmute the autochannel automation track on the Pyramid, which I randomly recorded CC automation on (another fun thing with the Pyramid is using the touchpad to draw automation). I then select different tracks on the Mono to change the sequence in pretty drastic ways-it can get pretty random and interesting if you quickly select different tracks on the MNM while quickly toggling mute states on/off on the Pyramid. The Pyramid is doing most of the note sequencing there too, but I did record some notes and trigless trigs in the Mono sequencer too. And purely by accident after I recorded this I ended up recording the Pyramid note sequences into the Mono, which got super interesting as I played the sequencers against each other.

Mind, you don’t necessarily need the Pyramid to do this stuff-I’ve lost countless hours messing around with Ableton Live and Reaktor to sequence my Elektrons or compensate for features I wish they had. But the Pyramid puts a whole hell of a lot at your fingertips and is a stellar compliment to an Elektron setup if you’re wishing for just a little bit more.


Nice! Thank you for the demo. :thup:

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nice sound! well done!

Thanks you, appreciate it!

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Man, I really liked the track
Do you use Pyramid insted of DAW? I mean you programmed everything in Pyramid?