Squarp Pyramid [compilation topic]


Another question for the Pyramid owners. I just finished reading through the .86 PDF manual, but one thing I wasn’t clear about was the number of CCs that can be sent pet track. Could one theoretically send CCs 0-119 on each track, or is there a finite amount of CC control available.

Put in my order soon after my last post, and I can’t wait to get this-not sure I’ve ever been more excited to get my hands on a piece of equipment as I am with the Pyramid.


For the moment the implementation of quick change between projects isn’t made.
To change the projects you must stop the sequencer before changing :frowning:
The change takes few seconds. Max 7s, I would say. So if you keep hands on synth it won’t be a problem.
The number of projects depends on SD cart. Squarp said that that cart mustn’t be over 2 gigabytes, preferably. I test with 8, it works. So …


Unlimited number of notes and CCS

Well done for your choice. You’ll have to domesticate the beast, because of its specific workflow, once that done, I warranty you great fun, high moments and a monstrous revitalise of your Silver Elektron :wink:

Take a look at the knew features :




Yeah, I checked out the new features the other day. This sequencer just keeps getting better and better. I also hadn’t seen anything recommending a particular SD card size, so that is good to know. I have found that some gear doesn’t do well with larger/faster cards…are you aware of any limitations like this with the Pyramid, or can you point me to something that talks about this?


I just went on the Squarp site and checked, and I don’t find any information about SD limitation. I was quite sure there was a precision about that on PyraOs page…
Maybe it as been deleted that would mean that there are no more limitations :slight_smile:


For those in the U.S., did you get hit with customs fees? I got my shipping notification today (absolutely cannot wait to get this!!!), but saw a note about customs fees in the shipping notification and realized I had not factored this in at all.


I did not recieve any fees in a addition to what I was charged when I bought the Pyramid off of Squarps store but Customs did try and hold my Squarp indefinately. I had to contact Jean a few times and he was able to take care of it for me. He said that was very rare and was very apologetic.


I check the squarp site more often the last days - can the pyramid do “parameter slide” as the elektron boxes? I.e. interpolate midi CC messages over a sequence?


So after getting my Virus TI I am in the market for a sequencer. I think its either Pyramid or Engine. I like the effects and the features of Pyramid. I have done research and understand it has 64 tracks. I am concerned with live play since I will be using multi mode with the TI. If I mute and unmute a track how do I get the different patches to play. I know I can do a program change but it seems like a odd workflow. I need to be able to switch through the multi setups for different noises. Can anyone offer advice on the workflow with the pyramid?



I wonder if the squarp pyramid could record CC messages if my synth would generate those?

I.e. from the manual it seems like its able to capture CC messages from other controllers - so if my synth sends out CC messages - it would record the automation (me twiddeling knobs on the synth) ? Or would i have to pre assign CC controls first, and only those are captured?


I have to afford that now, with the LFO fx on Pyramid, the Silvers have an infinity of modulation possibilities. I obtain things that I never could do before.


There is no cc learn on Pyramid, I regret it a lot.


I mean recording CC not learning - but learning would be on my wishlist aswell.


Yes if you play synth with cc they will be recorded.


CC learn as in MIDI learn ?
Weird indeed that it’s still not here.
But it doesn’t seem very hard to implement, I guess it should come at some point…

I have been OT-free for a few days now, I feel like I need a MIDI sequencer !!! :smiley:


Fell free to order a Pyramid or try the Cirklon :imp:
You won’t regret it. OT is a nice sequencer, we all know that here, but sometimes it’s good to get out of loop. It depends of the music you want to produce.
Whatever, it’s a cool tool to refresh the flavours of your melodies. With scale Fx, you can even use old compositions and just change the scale, that’s very efficient. Great reward as soon as you plug it !


Man, if they ever overcome the 64 track limitation, Pyramid just might become a must-to-have item for me… Unless I go big and get me a Circlon, that is!


It’s planned in their next firmware update. I’d guess sometime within the next three months. If the sequencer sounds right to you in all other regards, you can safely expect that limitation to be addressed soon. There are other basic omissions that keep the workflow too frustrating for me to use my Pyramid as my primary sequencer per se, but it’s really great for improvisation in its live modes and it makes a formidable MIDI processor (like some mutant uber MIDIpal). Just don’t expect to be able to process or easily write any acid riffs on this sequencer until they decide whether or not to implement my request for a “legato” mode parameter that behaves as it does on the OT. And be aware that in the comparison to the Cirklon this is an even more linear sequencer than the OT, so forget things like intertrack modulation or routing LFOs internally.

There’s one for sale criminally cheap on muffwiggler right now, fyi, so you could treat that one as a rental.


Thanks, but I’m all spent after buying a soundcraft 12MTK, analog Heat and a Karp Odyssey during the last 30 days! Such a shame I always seem to miss good deals like this… o’well


What makes this sequencer so appealing to me is the fact that I can use all of the sixteen midichannels of my blofeld without a workaround like on the OT. But it seems quite complicated to arrange notes on the small screen - even with this kind of zoom mode. It’s a poly-sequencer with a predestination as pad and drone generator structure-wise!