Squarp Pyramid [compilation topic]


yes, but same also applies to the OT. That 64 discreet monotimbral midi clip limit prevents certain live workflows, for example.

OT and Pyramid together tho! I can imagine one could do almost anything.


Well, I surly agree that velocity sensitiveness would have been a plus, but I must propose two remarks :

First, I’m not a hardware constructor, but such a functionality would increased the price of the sequencer (maybe that question had been discussed in Squarp R&D process)

Second, for a non musician theorician nor clavierist, the smart pads are really an important and decisive functionality, even without velocity gestion.


Terrific abilities ! :slight_smile:


Re the pads, they are the same size as the Circuit pads, a little smaller than the pads on the Rytm, personally I’d rather have non velocity sensitive pads than imprecise or badly scaled velocity sensitive pads, also you can use the touchpad to set the velocity very quickly or in realtime, and of course it is very quick to edit a steps velocity after recording also.


I am a guitarist originally so I do agree, but if there were 4 rows of those pads and were velocity sensitive that would be worth the extra cash! Anyways I currently use my mpc for sequencing chords and the octatrack for bass and leads. And most of that ends up sampled and resequenced anyway!


There are some really nice live performance enhancements in this thing, and the portability/shape is SO appreciated. But the fact that each “scene” calls up a group of 64 patterns, rather than the more conventional 16 patterns of 16 tracks each is a bit weird. It’s a bit like a Monome without the ability to see your entire array of patterns.

As far as polyphonic control and editing, it’s going to be a bit “workaroundy”…I feel like I’ll lay down information on a lot of different tracks which all send MIDI to the same hardware synth, edit as necessary, then “flatten” the MIDI data into a single track for easy muting and manipulation…kind of an added step but may prove very powerful in the end once functions and buttons are memorized and become second nature.


How are you doing this flattening? That sounds like the “consolidate” feature that I’ve heard Squarp mentioning they’re working on.


Oh, by just copying from one track and pasting it onto another track, then deleting the old track…hahahah…nothing fancy


“I’d certainly want them to be able to have different number of steps per page (for a 37 steps sequence, I might want 10, 10, 7, 10). I think it would be a great feature for the elektrons, actually!”

Like Daren says, this is possible, just chain four patterns together of 10,10,7 & 10 steps. I’d never even thought about this before… Amazing. Once again the Elektron boxes show their flexibility :grinning:


They tell me midi port B is assignable so got the answer myself, any users of it here?


I am about to order one, could you tell me, it has two midi outs A and B and i believe B is the old type midi so i assume that cannot be used so i am restricted to midi port A only. I do have a motu midi express XT so I assume that opens everything up again as i can route to 8 midi ports each with 16 channels.

I do have an octatrack and was thinking of getting the beat step pro but the pyramid looks like it beats the BSP hands down even if at 3 times the price.

I am only a hobbyist so dont have anything particular in mind but the pyramid looks versatile but maybe i am not utilizing my OT properly.
you guys are the best people to ask.


your thoughts would be appreciated.

synth list:
ms20 mini
sub 37
electribe 2
Waldorf streichfett


Yes, I’m.
Did take a look to http://squarp.boards.net , the forum consacred to Pyramid. Here you’ll find the limitations and differences between Pyramid and other sequencers.

Very nice sequencer, lot if fun with it, but you must look at its particularities before buying it.


I don’t know what you mean by “old type midi”. From what I can tell, MIDI A and B are both regular MIDI ports; but MIDI B also supports DIN SYNC for communicating with those types of devices.

What are you looking to do with the Pyramid that you can’t do with the Octatrack? There are some differences between the two (I’m debating which to get for my next ‘big’ gear purchase, which is not going to be for a few months). Someone wrote a detailed comparison on the Squarp boards:


Looking at your gear list, I guess you would just run out of room on the Octatrack’s 8 channels?

The last couple of Pyramid OS updates have added some great features that put the sequencers on par (or better) than the latest Elektron Analog updates with Midi FX like chance/probability that the BSP just doesn’t have (nor does the Octatrack).


yes I did run out and there are not too many options anyway i ordered it today as it went back in stock today and it has two midi outs so that is a lot to sequence i think itll make a nice partner with the OT.

if only there were one piece that would do everything.


if only there were one piece that would do everything.

I feel you on this. That may be the Pyramid one day, at least once it crosses OS version 1.0. Its biggest hindrance is that there are only 64 “tracks” (and zero patterns or variations per track) available per project, so if you want to load this thing up with 45+ mins of material for a live performance, you will have to cozy up with the idea of linear playback of relatively few and very long patterns rather than having more small patterns to “improvise” with, as on the Elektron sequencers. This is expected to change with OS version 0.89, and we’re currently on 0.86.

Until then, your best bets are either (a) Cirklon or (b) Numerology + Launchpad (for studio usage where you might be more comfortable having a computer involved, then for a live setting dump or record the MIDI data into something else). After wrestling with an RS7000, an Octatrack on its own, and an Octatrack + Pyramid combo, I’ve found that only Numerology gives me everything I’m looking for when it comes to building tracks. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to dump lots of 4-36 bar .mid files into either the Octatrack (requires arduous live recording into each MIDI track separately) or the Pyramid (with only 64 “tracks” available, you will quickly run out), so I’m really hoping that it won’t be too many more months before we cross the OS v0.89 Rubicon or else I may have to look into other options for a live set (MPC, or leaning heavily on playing stems back in the Octatrack).


yes I looked at the cirklon too but the pyramid was much smaller, more of a pack up small synths and take to the beach type of thing, the cirklon would be great for the home studio. Like all things comes at a high price. As you say the developers of the pyramid are close at hand to the community so they will take pride in their clever updates. so hopefully itll move forward at a large pace now. I guess you live performers really do find the troublesome spots and limitations of equipment relatively quickly and certainly more than i would being a hobbyist only.


who is enjoying 0.87, I’m finding the new FX great, especially SCALE. Need to work out how to automate or play the SCALE from the key pad


This is so interesting for me. I currently have a rytm and ocatrack plus bunch of hardware synths and fx. I use the OT for midi sequencing only. I like the sampling functions but just don’t have enough time to get stuck into it. Absolutely love the rytm and its sequencer and sounds. Looking at the pyramid it looks very interesting to replace the OT as a midi seq. The OT is a good one at that but pyramid just looks like it does more and also more of a pure seq in use. I find the OT slightly clunky to use as a pure midi seq. Interested in peoples thoughts on this and any experiences here. Would be sad to let the ot go but i am not going to use it to its full potential which is important to me. I know people say it needs a good amount of time to conquer but im just not going to have enough time to do so.


You might be interested in my rambling comparison of Pyramid to the midi sequencer of the Octatrack in this post: Octatrack only as a MIDI sequencer?

Hope you find it helpful and I’d be happy to share further thoughts.


Thanks that was very helpful. Was researching this for hours then one came up locally for sale in Australia just now at a good price. So grabbing this and will sell the ot. Think its going to be a good switch for me.