Anyone into splice.com (or sounds.com)?
Love it
Use it with mpc live
Think it is amazing with Dt and ot

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Splice is great! I use with Analog Rytm MKII a lot.

For example, load a few atmospheric samples, chop, layer and sequence them. It’s easy to come up with something inspirational, a song starting point.

I’m hating it, I made my account with MPC Live, I managed to download some samples to my Live without downloading their plugin, now for some reason Splice won’t let me add any sound to the Live unless I install their bloody plugin.
The idea itself is great, the execution is making me sure I won’t renew my subscription at the end of the trial period, which is a shame as it’s a treasure trove of sounds.

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I’m on the free trial. Used it for an hour and it’s not really for me. I guess I’m just not really a loops guy and would far prefer building my own X bar loops and ideas

What’s in Splice does sound great though and on Mac at least it is very slick.

I’m using noiiz.com. :heart_eyes:

what is the reason to go ‘sounds, slice or noiize’?
are they very different?
Anyone had better content?
Other reasons?

I don’t know about sounds.com, but noiiz is great because it allows unlimited sample downloads, but there is far less content. Splice has a vast and superior sample catalog, but you are limited to 100 or 300 downloads per month, based on subscription. A plus of Splice is you can rent-to-own many top of the line VST instruments and effects.

EDIT: also note, splice sample download credits roll over. So if you have any unused downloads they will add on to your next month credits.

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Love Splice. It’d be cool if it was integrated into Ableton’s samples or folders. Good stuff though

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Splices loops are ok, but the real useful tool is as a cloud repository with versioning for your Ableton Live (or other DAW) tacks. You can save to the cloud and retrieve the projects on any computer. Useful as a backup and managing versions.


Splice sucks HARD.

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Has anyone used Splice for music version control or collaboration?

Because that was it’s initial purpose, I think?

I’ve got ONE song loaded on there that I’ve yet to pull into my new computer.

The plugins/samples thing is a separate thing entirely- but if that portion of Splice works then i can’t hate their hustle


I must admit that I changed my mind about it.
I have a 3 months trial for my Mpc Live and I used quite a few of my 300 free credits, it’s just quick and convenient and more importantly, easily sorted as opposed to my messy library. Not sure I would renew my subscription but I got a good value out of it

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  • Shit UI/UX

  • remnants left in computer, pain in the ass to track down all the bits to uninstall. (Mac) (should make an uninstall)

  • staff are totally unhelpful

  • lots of repeats

  • samples sound good tho, just a drag getting them

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I installed the trial i got with the Live, and promptly removed it after two hours and will now wait three months to see if they start to bill me, even tho i cancelled my subscrip already.

I wager i will be billed and have to start cancellation hell. Expected after seeing how sloppy the whole thing was.

I keep thinking I’d like it but then feel somehow dirty about it…something about downloading ready made sample packs rather than making my own, lol…in terms of user interface, I still haven’t worked out how to choose and download samples away from my Mac/their Splice macOS app…not all that convenient. Yet I remain tempted, not least because of the MPC Live integration.

I’m also intrigued by tracklib.com, where whole tracks can be downloaded for flipping and chopping (and released at a fixed cost) rather than individual samples. Seems a little more within a creative/productive paradigm than just downloading one shots and arranging them, but I’m aware that this bias is probably quite stupid.

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splice is awesome! need a vocal? need some stab shots? need whatever? load up splice and get going.

whats nice is that you credits transfer to the next month. I spent the last two days clicking the download button so much my fingers almost started bleeding.

with a load of credits I pick a theme of sounds I want to download get going. that way I can categorize right away.

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