Splice Sample Packs or Rec. Ipad?


Hi im very new to Sampler . Is it better for the quality to buy Sample Packs like from Splice or can i just recording them via cable from my ipad ? . the thing is i just want a few kicks from some of my favorite artist there but its not worth to buy a abo for just 5 Kick Drums

So i know its possible but is it less quality ???


The quality will be as good as the source. You can record your own sounds into the DT, mix them, make them sound how you want it and it wont sound any worse than if someone sold you the same kick through a pack.

However, investing some money in your first pack is not a bad thing to get started if you are working on a fresh DT.


Okay thank you . It works so well i sample a lot of spotify also . But i was not sure if the kicks are high quality enough when i sample them just on the splice internet page from my ipad :smiley:


yeah unless the Ipad or your cables are faulty then I wouldnt worry about that, what you hear is what you will get. People have been sampling from spotify, youtube, old dusty records for a while now. I guess its also up to you to decide what is considered high quality or “good sounding”.


Yes you are right thanks its fantastic to sample from any source (its my first sampler)


I think you can sign up for splice for 4.99 forthe first month so might be worth it. Just pick 100 sounds and maybe you’ll use em!


Yea thats also right i check it out :smiley: (wow the forum is nice i get answers so fast)