Spilled Beer on my Op-Z, so I opened it up (NOW WITH VIDEO OF THE SPILL)


Here’s a pic of the inside of the op-z:

The red encoder was completely stuck after the beer dried. I opened’er up, cleaned the bearing and lubed it a bit.

It’s a bit scratchy feeling but it’s all working again.


Don’t spill beer on your Op-Z.


Thank you for sharing the photos and congratulations on not ruining your expensive new synth!


Did you happen to notice whos’ chips they’re using on the OP-Z?


I did not and now your zoom is as good as mine. (Sorry! I don’t know enough about chips to take note)


here’s video of the session where I spilled on the 'Z:

It was so stupid. I have no idea how I did this.

The spill is around 1:47


Aargh! You were making sick beats too. I super-liked the drunken feeling stuff right at the start.

It’s in my head. Do, do do, do, do, do, do do, do do…


a bit more like doo, doo,…

(thank you.)




You plumwrinkle!


Couldn’t be helped.


:rofl: sorry but why did you stop so abruptly and then saying that to your audience, bit of a shame! Couldn’t you just jam and come up with something on the fly on the Octratrack and just switch of the Opz?


yeah, i definitely could have kept going but i wanted to start drying the 'Z as quick as possible. I’d already gone like 35 minutes at that point, so there was no need to fill any more time.

i was like, “oh, shit! … just gonna filter this off quick. yep. done.”

i shoulda coulda woulda quick-grabbed a flex recording of that pattern though, and sliced it up and kept going if I’d needed to.

i’d hate to think it was a practice run for the next spill.


better beer then this hahaha think it was at a Richard Devine gig, maybe if you continued on the opz it would make the next big circuitbend hit :rofl:


i hope that is an outdoor venue!


Lucky you. I’ve def had many of those incidents myself even with my no-beer-on-the-instrument-table rule. Glad you got it working again.