Spanish User Guide - Octatrack [ link ]


Hola deka, te agradeceria mucho que me enviaras el manual que tradujiste… mi email es
muchas gracias…


Sin correo no te puedo enviar el manual :wink:




hola deka, muchas gracias, lo intente poner x [details=Summary][/details]aki en oculto, a ver ahora…




por aca por aca !!!




Por favor, si puedes enviarlo, lo agradezco




Muchas gracias por el curro, me gustaría poder tener tu manual.Saludos!


Hey my friend, por favor agradecería mucho pudieras enviármelo. Un gran abrazo desde Chile


Enviado a los 2!!



Hola, que bueno poder conseguir este manual en español. Me lo podrías enviar? Muchas gracias, saludos desde Argentina!


Enviado!! :airplane:


I would like to warn you a bit… about put email like that, there’s chance your receive spam after that not from deka but because the forum is public and indexed. If it’s a crap mail you put here, the one with, you suscribe anything etc… no problem.

But i recommend you to send to deka a PM with your email should probably safer if you would like to keep your email clean and be part of a chain of forced spam newsletter and commercials.

Thanks to him for Spanish people btw, it’s very kind

For those who have a google account you can protect it with mailhide :


Thanks for your opinion. Maybe should be better to receive PM instead of a public message.



Hi Deka ! Please send me your Spanish guide octatrack


Sent! :sunglasses:


Hola, me puedes enviar el manual? .Muchas gracias y saludos